Recent goings-on

January 2014:  I'm officially back at work!  On the agenda are recruiting for our Buffalo Pound Project, and preparing for a compressed version of the popular course Sustainable Water Resources in February.  

January 2014: Jordan Mihalicz joins the SaskPower project on the Saskatchewan River.  Jordan is cosupervised by Tim Jardine.  Welcome Jordan!

December 2013:  Joe Hopkins joins the group for a brief time before heading out the the University of Alberta.  Joe's job has been designing and constructing an under-ice arm for our li-cor (which is awesome), and emergence traps for the Saskatchewan River.  Good luck at U of A...  

October 2013:  Our NSERC Strategic Grant Proposal -- involving John Giesy, Peter Leavitt, Karsten Liber, Karl-Erich Lindenschmidt, Lorne Doig and Paul Jones is successful.  This grant is in partnership with the Buffalo Pound Water Utility, and Saskatchewan Water Security Agency.  

October 2013:  I attended the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) and the Japan Science and Technology Agency joint meeting on Sustainable Water Use in Tokyo, Japan.  This is a great, small meeting focused on joint research needs, and challenges to our water resources.   

September 2013:  Erin Hillis and Cameron Hoggart agree to join our team.  Erin and Cameron will be helping in the lab and field, focusing on the winter limnology project!  Welcome Erin!  Welcome Cameron!

August 2013:  The end of the Tobacco Creek field season -- a celebration of hard work, and weather, good and bad.  Thanks to Raea, Noel, Victor, Jenn and Kaylea for all their hard work.  

August 2013:  Emily Cavaliere arrives!  Emily is pursuing a PhD on the winter limnology project.  Welcome Emily!

June 2013:  Welcome to Jennifer Briens, another lab helper on Tobacco Creek.  

June 2013:  My Canada Foundation for Innovation proposal is successful!  We now have a lake buoy, gas chromatograph, smartchem, and funding for more field and lab gear.

June 2013:  Noel Galuschik and Raea Gooding head out in the field.  Tobacco Creek here we come!  

May 2013:  Welcome to Kaylea Lund -- who will be helping with lab work on the Tobacco Creek project.

May 2013:  Our project "Identifying flood- and food-related limits to fish and wildlife production in the Saskatchewan River delta", led by Tim Jardine is funded under the NSERC CRD program.  This is a quick launch!  Crews are in the field within weeks to catch the flood pulse. 

March 2013:  Raea Gooding (MES student) is awarded an NSERC PGS!  Congrats Raea!!

January 2013:  My daughter is born.  Welcome Clara Whitfield.  I am on leave until December 2013.