The original author of the FIG software was Supoj Sutanthavibul, who at the time (circa 1985) was working at the University of Texas at Austin. Supoj is now at National Institute of Development Administration, in Thailand. The original program ran under the SunView windowing system.

Other programs were developed to convert the output from "fig" to other formats, such as PIC (f2p) and PostScript (f2ps), (both by Supoj) and then other formats, eventually leading to the fig2dev program. Frank Schmuck, Micah Beck and Conrad Kwok worked on fig2dev along with others. The fig2dev development was then taken over by Brian Smith in 1992.

Development on fig and the FIG format continued, eventually leading to colour output. At about the same time, SunView was becoming obsolete, and the X window System was becoming more popular, even on Sun computers. "fig" was ported to X, becoming "xfig".

Currently, work is being done on FIG through xfig, guided by Brian V. Smith of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory California, USA. Brian has introduced higher resolution to FIG. He has also introduced X-Splines, a more flexible spline model than the previous bezier (cubic) spline.

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