Using FIG with MicroSoft Windows

NEW: Andreas Schmidt has released a Windows program which uses FIG files and has an interface similar to XFig. His program is called WinFIG, and is available for download at:
This is based on Andreas' amifig program.

There is also a port of xfig 3.2, by Pierre A. Humblet, under the Cygwin project. (Cygwin has been developed to help port UNIX applications to Win32.) There is a version for the current release of Cygwin (V1.3). (Also on this http site.) This port still requires an X11 server on the PC, as well as several libraries (e.g. the X11 libraries) from the project. See the Cygwin XFree page and the xfig README for details. Note that there is now a native X11 server in XFree, under Cygwin.
There is an instruction page on how to install xfig under Cygwin by Wayne (Wenguang) Wang. Aussi, il y a une page française ici, par Jean-Marie Chrétien, qui décrit la procédure pour installer facilement xfig et cygwin.

As well, the jFIG (formerly JavaFIG) Java applet will run on Windows with easily obtained software. The jFIG site also has a fig2dev binary, which runs under MicroSoft Windows, and which will allow you to convert FIG format files to other formats.

There are ports for other microcomputer operating systems, such as a DESQview/X port by Bruce MacDowell Maggs, and there is an OS/2 port by Michael Holzapfel available for the XFree86/OS2 project.

If you do not need FIG support, and are simply looking for a vector graphics editor under MS Windows, check out these programs to see if they meet your needs.

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