The Transition Point

This is the new webpage for Ian MacPhedran. Note that some pages were not transferred from the previous site. If you need something that used to be "here" but isn't anymore, use the Wayback Machine to find it.

Likely, you're here to search for information about IFER, The Internet Finite Element Resources webpage.

Otherwise, you could be here to see software information on the Proxomitron pages (a filtering proxy for MicroSoft Windows), the Xfig pages (drawing programs), a sample of search engines, or a bunch of really old computer security links.

Or, you might want to see a bunch of miscellaneous things here, such as football stuff, familial relationships, or a list of web browsers. I'm also running a little experiment with links of interest.

I highly doubt it, but you might want to read about me. Or visit research computing resources. Or see the lyrics of the day.

What's the weather like?
The old Kernen Farm weather

As well, the Remembrance day page has been brought over.