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Proxomitron is an excellent filtering proxy for web browsers operating under MicroSoft Windows. (Any browser - it's your choice.) It works with the wine project for Linux and Unix/x86 computers as well.
It will not run with hardware other than x86 platforms. However, you can set up a computer, running just Proxomitron (and perhaps a firewall) to act as a filtering proxy for other machines.

Proxomitron news

Proxymodo, a clone of the Proximodo proxy, is available. Most documentation is in Japanese. (source code)

Proxomitron does not support IPv6. This will greatly limit its applicability in the near term, as IPv6 increases its coverage.

Mizz Mona has released a new graphical user interface for proxo, called PtronGUI. Sidki has also introduced a new GUI. Both of these patch Naoko 4.5 (June).

There are problems with Proxomitron running under Windows XP SP2, wherein the RWIN parameter can not be set larger than 32768. This can cause slow transfer speeds, as the web servers will send data in fairly small "chunks". "JJoe Bug" has provided a link to a patch at Rapid Share (local link) that fixes this problem.

Proximodo is an open-source Proxomitron "clone", by Antony Boucher. It is available through this SourceForge page. (Deutsch) The software is still in development. Forum available.

Archived Proxomitron links

The following are archived copies of the Proxomitron web sites from the various releases, or copies of the binaries for Proxomitron. Proxomitron downloads are available from this site directly.

Other information

Some of the information previously on this page has been moved to a history page.

There are three DLL files that Proxo can use for secure transfers (SSLeay32.dll, libeay32.dll) and compressed files (zlib.dll). Read more about these libraries.

There are several other web sites which have Proxomitron information. I have gathered them here for your convenience. They cover translations to other languages and general information. As Scott called these links "Support", this would be a good mnemonic for them.

The Proxomitron is Copyright © 1999-2003 by Scott R. Lemmon.

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