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The Opera web browser is a good companion to the Proxomitron. It has an extensive (and extensible) set of features. I won't go on about them here. This page is a set of links that are compatible with my two constant browsing companions.

Configuring Opera

Adding Proxomitron to Opera is as easy as for any browser. Bring up the preferences window (CTRL-F12) and select network under the Advanced tab. Then select proxy servers and configure as shown. (If you wish to use HTTPS, you must configure Proxomitron to use SSL as shown on the DLL page.)

Of course, if you have Opera 9.x, it is even easier through the configuration link. Go to the url: about:config and scroll to Proxy. Set the items there to look like this and press Save.

Ad Blockers

AdBlocker.css is an interesting idea. It uses CSS to block ads, and is written for Opera. I haven't tried it with other browsers yet, but the general idea is portable. This would be easy to incorporate into proxomitron as well. Simply slip in the line to load this css file from Proxomitron into your incoming web stream. (Or use the user stylesheet mechanism, as outlined in the linked page.)

Opera does have its own content blocking mechanism that can be accessed through right-click and select "Block Content ...".

Opera Wiki & Fora

The Non-Troppo Wiki for Opera has a page on Proxomitron.

There is also forum for Proxomitron on the Opera Community site.

Browser Cloaking

A tutorial on how to spoof browser ids (user agent) with Opera and Proxomitron.

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