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My research lies in the field of structural engineering. Specifically, I am interested in structural stability (buckling), finite element analysis, reliability analysis, and design of structural steel buildings.
Relevant memberships: I am a member of: the CSA S16 technical committee, and worked on the latest version (S16-14) of the Canadian stuctural steel design standard; the Structural Stability Research Council; the American Institute of Steel Construction; and APEGS.

This page summarises the latest research papers/projects that I have been involved with.

Journal Papers

A simple steel beam design curve, Ian MacPhedran and Gilbert Y. Grondin, Can. J. Civ. Eng. 38(2): 141.153 (2011) | doi:10.1139/L10-114 | Published by NRC Research Press / Publiér NRC Research Press

Conference Papers

Simplified Monosymmetric Beam Design, Ian MacPhedran & Gilbert Y. Grondin
Proceedings of the 2010 SSRC Annual Stability Conference, Orlando, FL
A Comparison of International Design Standards for Assessing Lateral Stability of Steel Beams, A. Surovek, I. MacPhedran, V. Palaniswamy, M.A. Bradford
4th International Conference on Steel & Composite Structures; Sydney, NSW
A Brief History of Beam-Column Design, I.J. MacPhedran and G.Y. Grondin, CSCE 2007 Annual General Meeting & Conference, Yellowknife, Northwest Territories.

Book Chapters

Guide to Stability Design Criteria for Metal Structures, 6th ed., Ronald D. Ziemian, editor.
Chapter 16, "Frame Stability" Andrea Surovek, Christopher Foley, Ron Ziemian, and Ian MacPhedran of SSRC Task Group 4