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101 Dalmatians II: Patch’s London Adventure



Premiere (Theatrical) Release Date: January 11, 2003

Direct-To-Video Release Date: January 21, 2003

Copyright: Disney Enterprises, Inc. © 2002

MPAA Rating: G (General Audiences ~ All Ages Admitted)

Length: 70 Minutes


Cast Characters Songs Awards




            Jason Alexander ~ Lightning

            Apollo 440 ~ “One Of A Kind”

            Kathryn Beaumont ~ Additional Voice

            Jeff Bennett ~ Jasper Badun

            Jodi Benson ~ Anita Radcliff

            Tim Bentinck ~ Roger Radcliff (speaking; singing “Dalmatian Plantation”, “I See Spots”)

            Susanne Blakeslee ~ Cruella De Vil

            Lucille Bliss ~ “Kanine Krunchies Kommercial”

            Barry Bostwick ~ Thunderbolt

            Ursula Brooks ~ Additional Voice

            Tony Burrows ~ “Try Again” Background Vocals

            Corey Burton ~ Additional Voice

            Jim Cummings ~ Dirty Dawson

            Aria Noelle Curzon ~ Additional Voice [as Aria Curzon]

            Lance Ellington ~ “Try Again” Background Vocals

            Jason Frederick ~ “Thunderbolt Adventure Hour”

            Richard Gibbs ~ “Thunderbolt Adventure Hour”

            Howard Gray ~ “One Of A Kind” Backing Vocals

            Trevor Gray ~ “One Of A Kind” Backing Vocals

            Sophie Heyman ~ Additional Voice

            Nikita Hopkins ~ Wholesome Tommy

            Peter Howarth ~ “Try Again” Background Vocals

            Daamen Krall ~ Additional Voice

            Kasha Kropinski ~ Additional Voice

            Charles Doug Lacy ~ “Thunderbolt Adventure Hour”

            Maurice LaMarche ~ Horace Badun

            Joe Lavery ~ Rolly

            Peter Lavin ~ Additional Voice

            Bill Lee ~ Roger Radcliff (singing “Cruella De Vil”)

            Michael Lerner ~ Producer

            Eli Russell Linnetz ~ Additional Voice

            Nicolette Little ~ Additional Voice

            Bobby Lockwood ~ Patch

            Mary Macleod ~ Nanny Cook

            Mary Mary ~ “One Of A Kind” Lead Vocals

            Nick Meaney ~ Additional Voice

            Sean Michael ~ Additional Voice

            Noko ~ “One Of A Kind” Backing Vocals

            Michael Now ~ “Thunderbolt Adventure Hour”

            Cornelia O’Herlihy ~ Additional Voice

            Rob Paulsen ~ Additional Voice

            Phil Procter ~ Additional Voice

            Clive Revill ~ Additional Voice

            Bob Saker ~ “Try Again” Background Vocals

            MacKenzie Sells ~ Additional Voice

            Martin Short ~ Lars

            Kath Soucie ~ Perdita; Additional Voice

            Tara Strong ~ Additional Voice

            Clive Swift ~ Additional Voice

            Ben Tibber ~ Lucky

            Frank Welker ~ Additional Voice

            Samuel West ~ Pongo

            Gavyn Wright ~ Concertmaster

            Will Young ~ “Try Again”




            Anita Radcliff ~ Jodi Benson

            Cruella De Vil ~ Susanne Blakeslee

            Dirty Dawson ~ Jim Cummings


            Horace Badun ~ Maurice LaMarche

            Jasper Badun ~ Jeff Bennett

            Lars ~ Martin Short

            Lightning ~ Jason Alexander

            Lucky ~ Ben Tibber

            Nanny Cook ~ Mary Macleod

            Patch ~ Bobby Lockwood


            Perdita ~ Kath Soucie

            Pongo ~ Samuel West

            Producer ~ Michael Lerner

            Roger Radcliff ~ Tim Bentinck (speaking; singing “Dalmatian Plantation”, “I See Spots”); Bill Lee (singing “Cruella De Vil”)

            Rolly ~ Joe Lavery

            Thunderbolt ~ Barry Bostwick

            Wholesome Tommy ~ Nikita Hopkins




Cruella De Vil”

            Bill Lee as Roger Radcliff

Dalmatian Plantation

            Jodi Benson as Anita Radcliff

            Tim Bentinck as Roger Radcliff

I See Spots”

            Tim Bentinck as Roger Radcliff

Kanine Krunchies Kommercial”

            Lucille Bliss

One Of A Kind”

            Apollo 440

            Howard Gray on Backing Vocals

            Trevor Gray on Backing Vocals

            Mary Mary on Lead Vocals

            Noko on Backing Vocals

Thunderbolt Adventure Hour”

            Jason Frederick

            Richard Gibbs

            Charles Doug Lacy

            Michael Now

Try Again”

            Tony Burrows on Background Vocals

            Lance Ellington on Background Vocals

            Peter Howarth on Background Vocals

            Bob Saker on Background Vocals

            Will Young


            Gavin Wright



2003 Annie Award Nominee ~ Outstanding Achievement In An Animated Home Entertainment Production ~ DisneyToon Studios

2003 Annie Award Nominee ~ Outstanding Individual Achievement In Production Design In An Animated Feature Production ~ Bill Perkins

2003 Annie Award Nominee ~ Outstanding Individual Achievement In Storyboarding In An Animated Feature Production ~ Dean Roberts

2003 Annie Award Nominee ~ Outstanding Achievement In Writing In An Animated Feature Production ~ Jim Kammerud & Brian Smith



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