A Christmas Carol

aka Disney’s A Christmas Carol



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MPAA Rating: PG (Parental Guidance Suggested ~ Some Material May Not Be Suitable For Children) for Scary Sequences and Images

Length: 98 Minutes



Cast Characters Songs Awards



            Brad Allan ~ stunts

            Pat Banta ~ stunts

            Aliane Baquerot ~ dancer

            Jacquie Barnbrook ~ Mrs. Fezziwig; Fred’s sister-in-law; well-dressed caroler

            Seth Belliston ~ dancer

            Paul Blackthorne ~ business man #2; guest #3

            Callum Blue ~ Caroline’s husband

            Andrea Bocelli ~ “God Bless Us Everyone”

            Ron Bottitta ~ tattered caroler; well-dressed caroler

            Troy Edward Bowles ~ dancer

            Robert F. Brown ~ stunts

            Sam J. Cahn ~ dancer

            Jim Carrey ~ Ebenezer Scrooge (elderly, young boy, teenage boy; young man; middle aged man); Ghost of Christmas Past; Ghost of Christmas Present; Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come

            Ilram Choi ~ stunts

            Kelly Connolly ~ dancer

            John Corella ~ dancer

            Kelly Crandall ~ dancer

            Shawn Crowder ~ stunts

            Wally Crowder ~ stunts

            Karen Dyer ~ dancer

            Cary Elwes ~ business man #1; Dick Wilkins; guest #2; mad fiddler; portly gentleman #1

            Colin Firth ~ Fred

            Fionnula Flanagan ~ Mrs. Dilber

            Sonje Fortag ~ Fred’s housemaid; well-dressed caroler

            Amber Gainey Meade ~ tattered caroler; well-dressed caroler

            Mark Ginther ~ stunts

            Sheri Griffith ~ dancer

            Sammi Hanratty ~ beggar boy; Want (girl); young Cratchit girl

            Adam Hart ~ stunts

            Matthew Henerson ~ poulterer

            Julian Holloway ~ business man #3; fat cook; portly gentleman #2

            Bob Hoskins ~ Fezziwig; Old Joe

            Kerry Hoyt ~ Ignorance (adult)

            Michael Hyland ~ guest #4

            Shawn Kautz ~ stunts

            Beckie King ~ dancer

            Keith Kühl ~ dancer

            L.A. Maddogs ~ loop group

            Allison Leo ~ dancer

            Brian Machleit ~ stunts

            Rene Mandel ~ fiddle

            Leslie Manville ~ Mrs. Cratchit

            Fay Masterson ~ Caroline; Martha Cratchit; guest #1

            Cliff McLaughlin ~ stunts

            Ryan Ochoa ~ beggar boy; Caroline’s child; Ignorance (boy); tattered caroler; young boy with sleigh; young Cratchit boy

            Gary Oldman ~ Bob Cratchit; Jacob Marley; Tiny Tim Cratchit

            Andy Owen ~ stunts

            Bobbi Page ~ tattered caroler; well-dressed caroler

            Tarah Paige ~ dancer

            Molly Quinn ~ Belinda Cratchit

            Aaron Rapke ~ well-dressed caroler

            Julene Renee ~ Want (adult)

            Sage Ryan ~ tattered caroler

            Daryl Sabara ~ beggar boy; Peter Cratchit; tattered caroler; Undertaker’s Apprentice; well-dressed caroler

            Jordan Santamaria ~ Ebenezer Scrooge (young boy singing)

            David Schultz ~ stunts

            Brian Simpson ~ stunts

            John J. Todd ~ dancer

            Frank Torres ~ stunts

            Kyla Warren ~ stunts

            Patrick Wetzel ~ dancer

            Robin Wright Penn ~ Belle; Fan Scrooge

            Steve Valentine ~ Furerary Undertaker; Topper

            Leslie Zemeckis ~ Fred’s wife







Adeste Fideles

            Jordan Santamaria as Ebenezer Scrooge as a young boy

“God Bless Us Everyone”

            Andrea Bocelli








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