Official Release Date: August 13, 1942

Copyright: Walt Disney Productions © 1942

MPAA Rating: G (General Audiences ~ All Ages Admitted)

Length: 69 Minutes



Cast Characters Songs Awards



            Hardy Albright ~ Bambi (adolescent)

            Stanley Alexander ~ Flower (boy)

            Bobette Audrey

            Peter Behn ~ Thumper (young)

            Thelma Boardman ~ Mrs. Quail

            Janet Chapman

            Jeanne Christy

            Dolyn Bramston Cook

            Marion Darlington

            Tim Davis ~ Flower (adolescent); Thumper (adult)

            Donnie Dunagan ~ Bambi (boy)

            Ann Gillis ~ Faline (adult)

            Otis Harlan

            Sterling Holloway ~ Flower (adult)

            Jack Horner

            Thelma Hubbard

            Cammie King ~ Faline (young)

            Mary Lansing ~ Aunt Ena; Mrs. Possum

            Marjorie Lee ~ Mrs. Rabbit

            Babs Nelson

            Donald Novis ~ “Love Is A Song (Main Title)”

            Sandra Lee Richards

            Francesca Santoro

            Fred Shields ~ The Great Prince Of The Forest

            Bobby Stewart ~ Bambi (baby)

            John Sutherland ~ Bambi (adult)

            Paula Winslowe ~ Bambi’s Mother

            Elouise Wohlwend

            Bill Wright ~ Friend Owl




            Aunt Ena ~ Mary Lansing

            Bambi ~ Hardy Albright (adolescent); Donnie Dunagan (boy); Bobby Stewart (baby); John Sutherland (adult)


            Bambi’s Mother ~ Paula Winslowe

            Faline ~ Ann Gillis (adult); Cammie King (young)

            Flower ~ Stanley Alexander (boy); Tim Davis (adolescent); Sterling Holloway (adult)

            Friend Owl ~ Bill Wright

            The Great Prince Of The Forest ~ Fred Shields

            Miss Bunny

            Miss Skunk

            Mr. Mole

            Mrs. Possum ~ Mary Lansing

            Mrs. Quail ~ Thelma Boardman

            Mrs. Rabbit ~ Marjorie Lee


            Thumper ~ Peter Behn (young); Tim Davis (adult)




“Let’s Sing A Gay Little Spring Song”

“Little April Shower”

“Looking For Romance (I Bring You A Song)”

“Love Is A Song (Finale)”

“Love Is A Song (Main Title)”

            Donald Novis




1942 Academy Award Nominee ~ Music (Song) ~ Frank Churchill (music) & Larry Morey (lyrics) for “Love Is A Song”

1942 Academy Award Nominee ~ Music (Music Score Of A Dramatic Or Comedy Picture) ~ Frank Churchill & Edward H. Plumb

1942 Academy Award Nominee ~ Sound Recording ~ Walt Disney Studio Sound Department, C. O. Slyfield, sound director



Cast and Character names for Hardy Albright as Bambi (adolescent), Peter Behn as Thumper (baby), Tim Davis as Thumper (boy), Donnie Dunagan as Bambi (boy), Ann Gillis as Faline (grown) (“adult”), Sterling Holloway as Flower, Cammie King as Faline (young), Marjorie Lee as Mrs. Hare (“Mrs. Rabbit”), Bobby Stewart as Bambi (baby), John Sutherland as Bambi (adult), Paula Winslowe as Bambi’s Mother; as well as Character Name for Friend Owl; as well as Song Titles Love Is A Song, & Little April Showerfrom the Bambi page at Disney.com (disney.go.com) at http://psc.disney.go.com/disneyvideos/moviefinder/products/0950503.html

Character name The Great Prince Of The Forest from the Bambi page at Disney.com (disney.go.com) at  http://disney.go.com/disneyatoz/archives/.

Cast and Character name for Verna Felton as Thumper’s Mother from the Dumbo DVD Audio Commentary by John Canemaker.

Character names for Aunt Ena, Ronno, Bambi (Flower’s Son), Miss Skunk, Miss Bunny, Mrs. Quail, Mrs. Possum, Mr. Mole; Voice info for Mary Lansing as Aunt Ena & Mrs. Possum, Fred Shields as Great Prince Of The Forest, Bill Wright as Friend Owl, Stanley Alexander as Flower (boy), Tim Davis as Flower (adolescent), Thelma Boardman as Mrs. Quail, Marion Darlington, Thelma Hubbard, Otis Harlan, Jeanne Christy, Janet Chapman, Bobette Audrey, Jack Horner, Francesca Santoro, Babs Nelson, Sandra Lee Richards, Dolyn Bramston Cook, & Elouise Wohlwend; Marjorie Lee as Mrs. Rabbit (corrects John Canemaker who said Verna Felton provided that voice, corroborated by Disney’s site above), and corrects character name from Mrs. Hare from Encyclopedia Of A Walt Disney’s Animated Characters (Rev. Ed.) (1993) by John Grant, published by Hyperion Books (New York).






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