Belle’s Tales Of Friendship



Direct To Video Release Date: August 17, 1999

Copyright: Disney Enterprises, Inc © 1999

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Length: 70 Minutes


Cast Characters Songs Awards

Contains the following episodes of Sing Me A Story With Belle:

            Working Together

            Reap What You Sow

Contains animation from the following theatrical shorts:

            Babes In The Woods (Original Theatrical Release: November 19, 1932) (MPAA Rating: Not Rated)

            Morris, The Midget Moose (Original Theatrical Release: November 24, 1950) (MPAA Rating: Not Rated)

            Three Little Pigs (Original Theatrical Release: May 27, 1933) (MPAA Rating: Not Rated)

            The Wise Little Hen (Original Theatrical Release: June 9, 1934) (MPAA Rating: Not Rated)




            Jeff Bennett ~ Crane; Frappe

            Robby Benson ~ Beast

            Christine Cavanaugh ~ Carroll

            Jeff Conover ~ Harmony

            Jim Cummings ~ Big Book; Chef Bouche; Lewis; Tubaloo; Webster

            Hampton Dixon ~ Hampton

            Gregory Grudt ~ Chip

            Amber Hood ~ Carroll

            Jennefer Jesse ~ Jennefer

            Lynsey McLeod ~ Belle (Live-Action)

            Paige O’Hara ~ Belle (Animated)

            David Ogden Stiers ~ Cogsworth

            Jerry Orbach ~ Lumiere

            Rob Paulsen ~ Laplume; Tres

            Shawn Pyfrom ~ Shawn

            Anne Rogers ~ Mrs. Potts

            Kirsten Storms ~ Kirsten

            Natalie Trott ~ Natalie

            Julie Vanlue ~ Julie

            April Winchell ~ Chandeliera; Chaud; Concertina

            Jo Anne Worley ~ Wardrobe





            Beast ~ Robby Benson

            Belle ~ Lynsey McLeod (Live-Action); Paige O’Hara (Animated)

            The Big Bad Wolf

            Big Book ~ Jim Cummings

            Carroll ~ Christine Cavanaugh; Amber Hood

            Chandeliera ~ April Winchell

            Chaud ~ April Winchell

            Chef Bouche ~ Jim Cummings

            Chip ~ Gregory Grudt

            Cogsworth ~ David Ogden Stiers

            Concertina ~ April Winchell

            Crane ~ Jeff Bennett

            Donald Duck

            Fiddler Pig

            Fifer Pig

            Frappe ~ Jeff Bennett



            Hampton ~ Hampton Dixon


            Harmony ~ Jeff Conover

            Jennefer ~ Jennefer Jesse

            Julie ~ Julie Vanlue

            Kirsten ~ Kirsten Storms

            Laplume ~ Rob Paulsen

            Lewis ~ Jim Cummings

            Lumiere ~ Jerry Orbach

            Mrs. Potts ~ Anne Rogers

            Natalie ~ Natalie Trott

            Peter Pig

            Practical Pig

            Shawn ~ Shawn Pyfrom


            Tres ~ Rob Paulsen

            Tubaloo ~ Jim Cummings

            Wardrobe ~ Jo Anne Worley

            Webster ~ Jim Cummings

            The Wise Little Hen






Three Little Pigs”


Together (Reprise)”

Two Heads Are Better Than One”

            Jim Cummings as Lewis

            Christine Cavanaugh as Carroll

Which, Witch?”

Will You Help Me?”

Will You Help Me? (Reprise)”

            Jim Cummings as Lewis

            Lynsey McLeod as Belle

            Amber Hood as Carroll




Three Little Pigs: 1932-33 ACADEMY AWARD WINNER ~ BEST SHORT SUBJECT (CARTOON) ~ Walt Disney, producer



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