Official Premiere Release Date: November 17, 2008

Official General Release Date: November 21, 2008

Copyright: Disney Enterprises, Inc. © 2008

MPAA Rating: G (General Audiences ~ All Ages Admitted)

Length: 96 Minutes


Cast Characters Songs Awards




            Stephen Anderson ~ Additional Voice

            Diedrich Bader ~ Veteran Cat

            Jeff Bennett ~ Lloyd

            June Christopher ~ Additional Voice

            Christin Ciaccio Briggs ~ Additional Voice

            David Cowgill ~ Additional Voice

            Todd Cummings ~ Joey

            Miley Cyrus ~ Penny

            Grey Delisle ~ Penny’s Mom

            John DiMaggio ~ Saul

            Lino DiSalvo ~ Vinnie

            George Doering ~ Guitar

            Sean Donnellan ~ Penny’s TV Dad

            Terri Douglas ~ Additional Voice

            Bruce Dukov ~ Concertmaster

            Susie Essman ~ Mittens

            Michael Fisher ~ Hand Percussion

            Dan Fogelman ~ Billy

            Greg Germann ~ The Agent

            Jackie Gonneau ~ Additional Voice

            Nathan Greno ~ Additional Voice

            The Hollywood Studio Orchestra ~ Score Performance

            Kellie Hoover ~ Ester

            Forrest Iwaszewski ~ Additional Voice

            Holly Kane ~ Additional Voice

            Daniel Kaz ~ Additional Voice

            Phil LaMarr ~ Additional Voice

            Jenny Lewis ~ Assistant Director; “Barking At The Moon”

            James Lipton ~ The Director

            Anne Lockhart ~ Additional Voice

            J. P. Manoux ~ Tom

            Malcolm McDowell ~ Dr. Calico

            Dara McGarry ~ Additional Voice

            Scott Menville ~ Additional Voice

            Tim Mertens ~ Bobby

            Chloë Moretz ~ Penny (young)

            Ronn Moss ~ Dr. Forrester

            Motörhead ~ “Dog-Face Boy”

            Jonathan Nichols ~ Additional Voice

            Daran Norris ~ Louie

            Paul Pape ~ Additional Voice

            Lynwood Robinson ~ Additional Voice

            Karen Ryan ~ Additional Voice

            Randy Savage ~ Thug

            Brian Stepanek ~ Martin

            Tara Strong ~ Additional Voice

            Nick Swardson ~ Blake

            Pepper Sweeney ~ Additional Voice

            John Travolta ~ Bolt

            Kari Wahlgren ~ Mindy

            Mark Walton ~ Rhino

            Joe Whyte ~ Additional Voice

            Chris Williams ~ Additional Voice




            The Agent ~ Greg Germann

            Assistant Director ~ Jenny Lewis

            Billy ~ Dan Fogelman

            Blake ~ Nick Swardson

            Bobby ~ Tim Mertens

            Bolt ~ John Travolta

            The Director ~ James Lipton

            Dr. Calico ~ Malcolm McDowell

            Dr. Forrester ~ Ronn Moss

            Ester ~ Kellie Hoover

            Joey ~ Todd Cummings

            Lloyd ~ Jeff Bennett

            Louie ~ Daran Norris

            Martin ~ Brian Stepanek

            Mindy ~ Kari Wahlgren

            Mittens ~ Susie Essmen

            Penny ~ Miley Cyrus; Chloë Moretz (young)

            Penny’s Mom ~ Grey Delisle

            Penny’s TV Dad ~ Sean Donnellan

            Rhino ~ Mark Walton

            Saul ~ John DiMaggio

            Thug ~ Randy Savage

            Tom ~ J. P. Manoux

            Veteran Cat ~ Diedrich Bader

            Vinnie ~ Lino DiSalvo




“Barking At The Moon”

            Jenny Lewis

“Dog-Face Boy”


“I Thought I Lost You”

            Miley Cyrus as Penny

            John Travolta as Bolt

The Hollywood Studio Orchestra


            Bruce Dukov


            George Doering

Hand Percussion

            Michael Fisher







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