The Brave Little Toaster



Original Television Premiere: July 10, 1987

Copyright: Hyperion-Kushner-Locke (c) 1987

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Length: 90 Minutes


Cast Characters Songs Awards


Disney released this movie on the Disney Channel in 1987, and subsequently released it on video & DVD through it's Buena Vista Home Video line, but does not retain copyright.  While Disney does own companies with the Hyperion name, Disney has never been associated with Hyperion Pictures.




            Beth Anderson ~ Additional Voice

            Jonathan Benair ~ Black-and-White TV

            Randy Bennett ~ Computer

            Louis Conti ~ Spanish Announcer

            Randall William Cook ~ Entertainment Center

            Timothy E. Day ~ Blanky; Rob "The Master" (young)

            Pat Ericson ~ Additional Voice

            Gary Falcone ~ Additional Voice

            Roger Freeland ~ Additional Voice

            Phil Hartman ~ Air Conditioner; Hanging Lamp

            Jim Jackman ~ Plugsy

            Wayne Kaatz ~ Rob "The Master" (grown)

            Janice Liebhart ~ Additional Voice

            Little Richard ~ "Tutti-Frutti"

            Jon Lovitz ~ Radio

            Deanna Oliver ~ Toaster

            Darryl Phinnessee ~ Additional Voice

            Joe Pizzulo ~ Additional Voice

            Joe Ranft ~ Elmo St. Peters

            Thurl Ravenscroft ~ Kirby

            Colette Savage ~ Chris

            Timothy Stack ~ Lampy; Zeke

            Mindy Stern ~ Mother; Two-Faced Sewing Machine

            Judy Toll ~ Mish-Mash; Two-Faced Sewing Machine



            Air Conditioner ~ Phil Hartman

            Black-and-White TV ~ Jonathan Benair

            Blanky ~ Timothy E. Day

            Chris ~ Colette Savage

            Computer ~ Randy Bennett

            Elmo St. Peters ~ Joe Ranft

            Entertainment Center ~ Randall William Cook

            Hanging Lamp ~ Phil Hartman

            Kirby ~ Thurl Ravenscroft

            Lampy ~ Timothy Stack

            Mish-Mash ~ Judy Toll

            Mother ~ Mindy Stern

            Plugsy ~ Jim Jackman

            Radio ~ Jon Lovitz

            Rob "The Master" ~ Timothy E. Day (young); Wayne Kaatz (grown)

            Spanish Announcer ~ Louis Conti

            Toaster ~ Deanna Oliver

            Two-Faced Sewing Machine ~ Mindy Stern; Judy Toll

            Zeke ~ Timothy Stack




"April Showers"

            Jon Lovitz as Radio

"B-Movie Show"

"City Of Light"

"Cutting Edge"



            Little Richard

"Wooden Meadow"





1988 Emmy Award Nominee ~ Outstanding Animated Program ~ Williard Carroll (executive producer), Donald S. Kushner (producer), Joe Ranft (writer), Jerry Rees (director, writer), Thomas Wilhite (producer)



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