The Brave Little Toaster To The Rescue



Original Television Premiere: May 25, 1999


MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Length: 74 Minutes


Cast Characters Songs Awards


Disney released The Brave Little Toaster movie on the Disney Channel in 1987, and subsequently released it and this sequel on video & DVD through it's Buena Vista Home Video line, but does not retain copyright.  While Disney does own companies with the Hyperion name, Disney has never been associated with Hyperion Pictures.




            Jonathan Benair ~ Jim Bob

            Eddie Bracken ~ Sebastian

            Andrew Daly ~ Murgatroid

            Eddie Deezen ~ Charlie

            Brian Doyle-Murray ~ Wittgenstein

            Paddi Edwards ~ Lab Computer

            Laurel Green ~ Chris

            Victoria Jackson ~ Mouse

            Spike Jones ~ "Cocktails For Two"

            Roger Kabler ~ Radio

            Marc Allen Lewis ~ Security Guard

            Eric Lloyd ~ Blanky

            Ross Mapletoft ~ Modem

            Kevin Meaney ~ Computer

            Andy Milder ~ Ratso

            Jay Mohr ~ Mack

            Peter Noone ~ "I'm Into Something Good"

            Danny Nucci ~ Alberto

            Deanna Oliver ~ Toaster

            Thurl Ravenscroft ~ Kirby

            Timothy Stack ~ Lampy

            Alfre Woodard ~ Maisie

            Chris Young ~ Rob



            Alberto ~ Danny Nucci

            Blanky ~ Eric Lloyd

            Charlie ~ Eddie Deezen

            Chris ~ Laurel Green

            Computer ~ Kevin Meaney

            Jim Bob ~ Jonathan Benair

            Kirby ~ Thurl Ravenscroft

            Lab Computer ~ Paddi Edwards

            Lampy ~ Timothy Stack

            Mack ~ Jay Mohr

            Maisie ~ Alfre Woodard

            Modem ~ Ross Mapletoft

            Mouse ~ Victoria Jackson

            Murgatroid ~ Andrew Daly

            Radio ~ Roger Kabler

            Ratso ~ Andy Milder

            Rob ~ Chris Young

            Sebastian ~ Eddie Bracken

            Security Guard ~ Marc Allen Lewis

            Toaster ~ Deanna Oliver

            Wittgenstein ~ Brian Doyle-Murray




"Chomp And Munch ('Virus')"

"Cocktails For Two"

            Spike Jones

"Hang In There, Kid"

"I'm Into Something Good"

            Peter Noone

"Remember That Day"

"Super Highway"







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