Brother Bear 2



Direct-to-Video Release Date: August 29, 2006

Copyright: Disney Enterprises, Inc. © 2006

MPAA Rating: G (General Audiences ~ All Ages Admitted)

Length: 73 Minutes 



Cast Characters Songs Awards




            Jeff Bennett ~ additional voice

            Graham Bentz ~ additional voice (loop group)

            Susan Boyd ~ “Welcome To This Day (Reprise)” Background Vocals

            Alex Brown ~ “Welcome To This Day (Reprise)” Background Vocals

            Benjamin Bryan ~ additional voice (loop group)

            Carmen Carter ~ “Welcome To This Day (Reprise)” Background Vocals

            David Cowgill ~ additional voice (loop group)

            Jim Cummings ~ Bering; Chilkoot

            Patrick Dempsey ~ Kenai

            Michael Clarke Duncan ~ Tug

            Stephen Erdody ~ featured score cello

            Melissa Etheridge ~ “Feels Like Home”; “It Will Be Me”; “Welcome To This Day”; “Welcome To This Day (Reprise)”

            Jessie Flower ~ additional voice

            Jackie Gonneau ~ additional voice (loop group)

            Debbie Hall ~ “Welcome To This Day (Reprise)” Background Vocals

            Sandie Hall ~ “Welcome To This Day (Reprise)” Background Vocals

            Karen Harper ~ “Welcome To This Day (Reprise)” Background Vocals

            Bridget Hoffman ~ additional voice (loop group)

            Wendy Hoffmann ~ additional voice (loop group)

            Phillip Ingram ~ “Welcome To This Day (Reprise)” Background Vocals

            Josh Kelley ~ “Feels Like Home”; “Welcome To This Day (Reprise)”

            Rick Logan ~ “Welcome To This Day (Reprise)” Background Vocals

            Tress MacNeille ~ additional voice

            Wendie Malick ~ Aunt Siqiniq

            Jason Marsden ~ additional voice

            Andrea Martin ~ Anda

            Mandy Moore ~ Nita

            Rick Moranis ~ Rutt

            Mark Robert Myers ~ additional voice (loop group)

            Kathy Najimy ~ Aunt Taqqiq

            Catherine O’Hara ~ Kata

            Dean Parks ~ featured score guitar

            Josef Powell ~ “Welcome To This Day (Reprise)” Background Vocals

            Alfie Silas ~ “Welcome To This Day (Reprise)” Background Vocals

            Dave Speltz ~ featured score cello

            W. K. Stratton ~ additional voice (loop group)

            Jeremy Suarez ~ Koda

            Krista Swan ~ additional voice (loop group)

            Wanda Sykes ~ Innoko

            Jennifer Teter ~ additional voice (loop group)

            Dave Thomas ~ Tuke

            Bobb’e J. Thompson ~ additional voice

            Lamont Van Hook ~ “Welcome To This Day (Reprise)” Background Vocals

            Mervyn Warren ~ “Welcome To This Day (Reprise)” Background Vocals

            Jack Weber ~ additional voice

            John West ~ “Welcome To This Day (Reprise)” Background Vocals

            Yvonne Williams ~ “Welcome To This Day (Reprise)” Background Vocals

            Ariel Winter ~ additional voice (loop group)

            Terry Wood ~ “Welcome To This Day (Reprise)” Background Vocals




            Anda ~ Andrea Martin

            Aunt Siqiniq ~ Wendie Malick

            Aunt Taqqiq ~ Kathy Najimy            

            Bering ~ Jim Cummings

            Chilkoot ~ Jim Cummings

            Innoko ~ Wanda Sykes

            Kata ~ Catherine O’Hara

            Kenai ~ Patrick Dempsey

            Koda ~ Jeremy Suarez

            Nita ~ Mandy Moore 

            Rutt ~ Rick Moranis

            Tug ~ Michael Clarke Duncan

            Tuke ~ Dave Thomas




“Feels Like Home”

            Melissa Etheridge

            Josh Kelley

“It Will Be Me”

            Melissa Etheridge

“Welcome To This Day”

            Melissa Etheridge

“Welcome To This Day (Reprise)”

            Susan Boyd on background vocals

            Alex Brown on background vocals

            Carmen Carter on background vocals

            Melissa Etheridge

            Debbie Hall on background vocals

            Sandie Hall on background vocals

            Karen Harper on background vocals

            Phillip Ingram on background vocals

            Josh Kelley

            Rick Logan on background vocals

            Josef Powell on background vocals

            Alfie Silas on background vocals

            Lamont Van Hook on background vocals

            Mervyn Warren on background vocals

            John West on background vocals

            Yvonne Williams on background vocals

            Terry Wood on background vocals

Featured Score Cello

            Stephen Erdody

            Dave Speltz

Featured Score Guitar

            Dean Parks









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