Cinderella II: Dreams Come True



Official Premiere Release Date: February 23, 2002

Direct To Video Release Date: February 26, 2002

Copyright: Disney Enterprises, Inc. © 2001

MPAA Rating: G (General Audiences ~ All Ages Admitted)

Length: 73 Minutes


Cast Characters Songs




            Brooke Allison ~ “Follow Your Heart”; “It’s What’s Inside That Counts”; “Put It Together (Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo)”; “Put It Together (Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo)” Background Vocals; “The World Is Looking Up To You”

            Christopher Daniel Barnes ~ Prince Charming

            Jeff Bennett ~ Additional Voice

            Bob Bergen ~ Additional Voice

            Susanne Blakeslee ~ Lady Tremaine

            Susan Blu ~ Additional Voice

            Rodger Bumpass ~ Additional Voice

            Corey Burton ~ Gus/Octavius (speaking); Mert; Stable Hand

            Carmen Carter ~ “The World Is Looking Up To You” Background Vocals

            Jennifer Darling ~ Additional Voice

            Paul Eiding ~ Additional Voice

            Jennifer Hale ~ Cinderella

            Clydene Jackson-Edwards ~ “The World Is Looking Up To You” Background Vocals

            Gina La Piana ~ “Put It Together (Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo)” Background Vocals

            Rick Logan ~ Gus/Octavius (singing); “The World Is Looking Up To You” Background Vocals

            Sherry Lynn ~ Additional Voice

            Tress MacNeille ~ Anastasia Tremaine; Pretty Woman

            Mickie McGowan ~ Additional Voice

            Bobbi Page ~ Mary Mouse (singing)

            Rob Paulsen ~ The Baker; Bert; Grand Duke; Flower Vendor; Jaq/Sir Hugh

            Phil Proctor ~ Additional Voice

            André Stojka ~ King

            Holland Taylor ~ Prudence

            Russi Taylor ~ Beatrice; Countess Le Grande; Daphne; Drizella Tremaine; Fairy Godmother; Mary Mouse (speaking)

            Frank Welker ~ Bruno; Lucifer; Pom Pom




Anastasia Tremaine ~ Tress MacNeille

The Baker ~ Rob Paulsen

Beatrice ~ Russi Taylor

Bert ~ Rob Paulsen

Bruno ~ Frank Welker

Cinderella ~ Jennifer Hale

Countess Le Grande ~ Russi Taylor

Daphne ~ Russi Taylor

Drizella Tremaine ~ Russi Taylor

Fairy Godmother ~ Russi Taylor

Flower Vendor ~ Rob Paulsen

Grand Duke ~ Rob Paulsen


Gus/Octavius ~ Corey Burton (speaking); Rick Logan (singing)

Jaq/Sir Hugh ~ Rob Paulsen

King ~ André Stojka

Lady Tremaine ~ Susanne Blakeslee

Lucifer ~ Frank Welker

Mary Mouse ~ Bobbi Page (singing); Russi Taylor (speaking)

Mert ~ Corey Burton

Pom Pom ~ Frank Welker

Pretty Woman ~ Tress MacNeille

Prince Charming ~ Christopher Daniel Barnes

Prudence ~ Holland Taylor

Stable Hand ~ Corey Burton




“Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo”

            Rick Logan as Gus

            Bobbi Page as Mary Mouse

            Rob Paulsen as Jaq

            Russi Taylor as Fairy Godmother

“A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes”

“Follow Your Heart”

            Brooke Allison 

“It’s What’s Inside That Counts”

            Brooke Allison 

“Put It Together (Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo)”

            Brooke Allison as Lead Vocals; Background Vocals

            Gina La Piana ~ Background Vocals 

“The World Is Looking Up To You”

            Brooke Allison

            Carmen Carter ~ Background Vocals

            Clydene Jackson-Edwards ~ Background Vocals 

            Rick Logan ~ Background Vocals





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