Digimon: Digital Monsters – Revenge Of The Digital World



Direct To Video Release Date: September 10, 2002

Copyright: Toei Animation Co. Ltd., Fox Family Properties Inc., & Saban International N.V. © 2001

Released by: Buena Vista Home Entertainment

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Length: 66 Minutes


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This movie was released well after the Disney buy-out of Fox Family and Saban.  However, the episodes which comprise this movie are from before the buy-out, and since the copyright remains as 2001, and not 2002 for this particular (re-)edit of the movie, I have decided that this movie does not fall within the Criteria.  Had the episodes been aired after the buy-out and been © 2001, or if the movie as a whole been © 2002, then it would have been kept on the list. Regardless, the movie’s credit information is provided for you here, but is not incorporated into the rest of the site.


Contains the following episodes of Digimon: Digital Monsters:

            Grow Mon Grow (Original Japanese Language TV Air Date: July 1, 2001; Original English Language Dub Air Date: October 27, 2001)

            Snakes, Trains, And Digimon [a.k.a. Saga Of The Devas, Part 1] (Original Japanese Language TV Air Date: July 8, 2001; Original English Language Dub Air Date: November 3, 2001)

            Back To Nature, Back To Battle [a.k.a. Saga Of The Devas, Part 2] (Original Japanese Language TV Air Date: July 15, 2001; Original English Language Dub Air Date: November 3, 2001)



            Brian Beacock ~ Takato

            Steven Jay Blum ~ Guilmon; Yamaki

            Tifanie Christun ~ Riley

            Mari Devon ~ Renamon

            Brian Donivan ~ Davis

            Melissa Fahn ~ Rika

            Bridgette Hoffman ~ Jeri

            Brad MacDonald ~ Kazu

            Mona Marshall ~ Terriermon

            Lara Jill Miller ~ Nami

            Peggy O’Neal ~ Tally

            Derek Stephen Prince ~ Impmon

            Philece Sampler ~ Takato’s Mom

            Brianne Siddall ~ Calumon

            Kirk Thornton ~ Takato’s Dad

            Dave Wittenberg ~ Henry




            Calumon ~ Brianne Siddall

            Davis ~ Brian Donovan

            Guilmon ~ Steven Jay Blum

            Henry ~ Dave Wittenberg

            Impmon ~ Derek Stephen Prince

            Jeri ~ Bridgette Hoffman

            Kazu ~ Brad MacDonald

            Nami ~ Lara Jill Miller

            Renamon ~ Mari Devon

            Rika ~ Melissa Fahn

            Riley ~ Tifanie Christun

            Takato ~ Brian Beacock

            Takato’s Dad ~ Kirk Thornton

            Takato’s Mom ~ Philece Sampler

            Tally ~ Peggy O’Neal

            Terriermon ~ Mona Marshall

            Yamaki ~ Steven Jay Blum











Original Japanese Air dates available from http://www.digimon-insane.com/.



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