DuckTales: The Movie – Treasure Of The Lost Lamp



Release Date: August 3, 1990

Copyright:Walt Disney Animation (France) S.A. © 1990

MPAA Rating: G (General Audiences ~ All Ages Admitted)

Length: 74 Minutes



Cast Characters Songs



            Charlie Adler ~ Additional Voice

            Jack Angel ~ Additional Voice

            Steve Bulen ~ Additional Voice

            June Foray ~ Mrs. Featherby

            Joan Gerber ~ Mrs. Beakley

            Richard Libertini ~ Dijon

            Christopher Lloyd ~ Merlock

            Sherry Lynn ~ Additional Voice

            Chuck McCann ~ Duckworth

            Terence McGovern ~ Launchpad McQuack

            Mickie McGowan ~ Additional Voice

            Jeff Pescetto ~ “DuckTales Theme”

            Patrick Pinney ~ Additional Voice

            Rip Taylor ~ Genie

            Russi Taylor ~ Dewey; Huey; Louie; Webbigail Vanderquack

            Frank Welker ~ Additional Voice

            Alan Young ~ Uncle Scrooge McDuck




            Baby Elephant

            Dewey ~ Russi Taylor

            Dijon ~ Richard Libertini

            Duckworth ~ Chuck McCann

            Genie ~ Rip Taylor

            Huey ~ Russi Taylor

            Launchpad McQuack ~ Terence McGovern

            Louie ~ Russi Taylor

            Master Of Ceremonies

            Merlock ~ Christopher Lloyd

            Mrs. Beakley ~ Joan Gerber

            Mrs. Featherby ~ June Foray

            Uncle Scrooge McDuck ~ Alan Young


            Webbigail Vanderquack ~ Russi Taylor




“DuckTales Theme”

            Jeff Pescetto



Revised Character name for Uncle Scrooge McDuck (“Uncle Scrooge”) & Launchpad McQuack (“Launchpad”) from the DuckTales: The Movie – Treasure Of The Lost Lamp page at Disney.com (disney.go.com) at  http://psc.disney.go.com/disneyvideos/moviefinder/products/0108203.html

Character names for Baby Elephant, Waitress, Master Of Ceremonies; and Full Name for Webbigail Vanderquack (“Webby”) from Encyclopedia Of A Walt Disney’s Animated Characters (Rev. Ed.) (1993) by John Grant, published by Hyperion Books (New York).





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