Released: World Premiere Release Date: between July 17-19, 1998

Copyright: Aegis Entertainment, Inc. & Buena Vista Pictures Distribution, Inc. © 2000

Distributed by: Paramount Pictures (has not been widely released in North America in either theatres or home distribution)

Rating: Not Rated

Length: 86 Minutes


Cast Characters





            Tal Bergman ~ drums

            Corey Burton ~ additional voice

            E. G. Daily ~ Roxanne “Freefall” Spaulding

            John de Lancie ~ John Lynch

            John De Mita ~ additional voice

            Julia De Mita ~ additional voice

            Debi Derryberry ~ additional voice

            The Ex-Centrics ~ “The Piper”

            Dave Fennoy ~ additional voice

            Alex Fernandez ~ additional voice

            Yossi Fine ~ bass

            Flea ~ Percival Edmund “Grunge” Chang

            Gina, Jeff & Joe ~ “Get Outta My Head”

            Mark Hamill ~ Matthew “Threshold” Callahan

            Jamie Hanes ~ additional voice

            John Hostetter ~ additional voice

            Mary Kivala ~ additional voice

            Lauren Lane ~ Ivana Baiul

            Cloris Leachman ~ Helga Kleinman

            Dakin Matthews ~ additional voice

            Matt McKenzie ~ additional voice

            Matt Miller ~ additional voice

            Andy Philpot ~ additional voice

            Amotz Plessner ~ keyboards

            The Prague Symphony Orchestra ~ orchestra

            Pamela Segall ~ additional voice

            Mike Sorich ~ additional voice

            Soy Cowboy ~ “Training”

            Kath Soucie ~ additional voice

            Alicia Witt ~ Caitlin Fairchild

            Ahmet Zappa ~ additional voice




            Agent Barker


            Caitlin Fairchild ~ Alicia Witt

            Helga Kleinman ~ Cloris Leachman

            Ivana Baiul ~ Lauren Lane

            John Lynch ~ John de Lancie


            Matthew “Threshold” Callahan ~ Mark Hamill

            Percival Edmund “Grunge” Chang ~ Flea

            Rachel Callahan

            Roxanne “Freefall” Spaulding ~ E. G. Daily

            Stephen Callahan




Tal Bergman on drums

Yossi Fine on bass

Amotz Plessner on keyboards

The Prague Symphony Orchestra

“Get Outta My Head”

            Gina, Jeff & Joe

“The Piper”

            The Ex-Cetrics


            Soy Cowboy



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