Hollywood Party



Premiere Release Date: May 24, 1934

Official Release Date: June 1, 1934

Released by: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Length: 70 Minutes


Disney created an animated sequence for this film before it began making its own animated movies. It holds no ownership over the animation or any other aspect of the film, so it remains off the official list.



Cast Characters Songs



            Ernie Alexander ~ Servant at Party
            Frank Austin ~ Party Guest
            Ben Bard ~ Charley
            Harry Barris ~ Singer
            Billy Bletcher ~ The Big Bad Wolf
            Sidney Bracey ~ Butler
            Charles Butterworth ~ Harvey Clemp
            Richard Carle ~ Knapp, Schnarzan’s Manager
            Ben Carter ~ Elevator Operator
            Nora Cecil ~ Scientific Pendant

            June Clyde ~ Linda, the Clemps’ Niece

            Baldwin Cooke ~ Doorman for the Scientific Gentlemen

            Ray Cooke ~ Theatre Patron

            Richard Cramer ~ Scientific Pendant

            Walt Disney ~ Mickey Mouse

            Jimmy Durante ~ Himself (Jimmy Durante)/Schnarzan the Shouting Conqueror

            Muriel Evans ~ Dinner Guest (Seated at table during bidding)

            Larry Fine ~ Photographer

            Bess Flowers

            George Givot ~ Duke/Liondora, the Rival Star

            Oliver Hardy ~ Oliver

            Ted Healy ~ Reporter

            Tom Herbert ~ Bartender

            Irene Hervey ~ Showgirl

            Curly Howard ~ Photographer

            Moe Howard ~ Photographer

            Arthur Jarrett ~ Singer

            Tom Kennedy ~ Beavers the Doorman

            Leonid Kinskey ~ Jake the Cabbie

            Stan Laurel ~ Stanley

            Tom London ~ Paul Revere

            Edwin Maxwell ~ Buddy Goldfarb, Liondora’s Manager

            Polly Moran ~ Henrietta Clemp

            Jeanne Olsen ~ Herself (Mrs. Jimmy Durante)

            Jack Pearl ~ Baron Munchausen

            Jed Prouty ~ Theatre Manager

            Eddie Quillan ~ Bob

            Shirley Ross ~ Herself (Shirley Ross)

            Arthur Treacher ~ Jimmy’s Butler

            Lupe Velez ~ Herself (Lupe Velez)/Jaguar Woman

            Frances Williams ~ Herself (Frances Williams)

            Clarence Wilson ~ Scientific Pendant

            Robert Young ~ Himself (Robert Young)




            Baron Munchausen ~ Jack Pearl

            Bartender ~ Tom Herbert

            Beavers the Doorman ~ Tom Kennedy

            The Big Bad Wolf ~ Billy Bletcher

            Bob ~ Eddie Quillan

            Buddy Goldfarb, Liondora’s Manager ~ Edwin Maxwell

            Butler ~ Sidney Bracey

            Charley ~ Ben Bard

            Dinner Guest (Seated at table during bidding) ~ Muriel Evans

            Doorman for the Scientific Gentlemen ~ Baldwin Cooke

            Duke/Liondora, the Rival Star ~ George Givot

            Elevator Operator ~ Ben Carter

            Frances Williams ~ Frances Williams

            Harvey Clemp ~ Charles Butterworth

            Henrietta Clemp ~ Polly Moran

            Jake the Cabbie ~ Leonid Kinskey

            Jimmy Durante/Schnarzan the Shouting Conqueror ~ Jimmy Durante

            Jimmy’s Butler ~ Arthur Treacher

            Knapp, Schnazan’s Manager ~ Richard Carle

            Linda, the Clemps’ Neice ~ June Clyde

            Lupe Velez/Jaguar Woman ~ Lupe Velez

            Mickey Mouse ~ Walt Disney

            Mrs. Jimmy Durante ~ Jeanne Olsen

            Oliver ~ Oliver Hardy

            Party Guest ~ Frank Austin

            Paul Revere ~ Tom London

            Photographer ~ Larry Fine

            Photographer ~ Curly Howard

            Photographer ~ Moe Howard

            Reporter ~ Ted Healy

            Robert Young ~ Robert Young

            Scientific Pendant ~ Nora Cecil

            Scientific Pendant ~ Richard Cramer

            Scientific Pendant ~ Clarence Wilson

            Servant at Party ~ Ernie Alexander

            Shirley Ross ~ Shirley Ross

            Showgirl ~ Irene Hervey

            Singer ~ Harry Barris

            Singer ~ Arthur Jarrett

            Stanley ~ Stan Laurel

            Theatre Manager ~ Jed Prouty

            Theatre Patron ~ Ray Cooke





            Jimmy Durante as Himself

            Jack Pearl as Baron Munchausen

“Hollywood Party”

            Frances Williams as Herself

“The Hot Choc’late Soldiers”

“I’m Feeling High”

            Harry Barris as Singer

“Inka, Dinka Doo”

            Jimmy Durante as Himself

“I’ve Had My Moments”

            June Clyde as Linda

            Eddie Quillan as Bob

“I’ve Had My Moments”

            Jimmy Durante as Himself

            Polly Moran as Henrietta Clemp


            Jimmy Durante as Himself




Cast and Character information Ernie Alexander as Servant at Party, Frank Austin as Party Guest, Ben Bard as Charley, Harry Barris as Singer, Sidney Bracey as Butler, Charles Butterworth as Harvey Clemp, Richard Carle as Knapp, Ben Carter as Elevator Operator, Nora Cecil as Scientific Pendant, June Clyde as Linda, Baldwin Cooke as Doorman, Ray Cooke as Theatre Patron, Richard Cramer as Scientific Pendant, Jimmy Durante as Himself (Jimmy Durante)/Schnarzan, Larry Fine as Photographer, Bess Flowers, George Givot as Duke, Oliver Hardy as Oliver, Ted Healy as Reporter, Irene Hervey as Showgirl, Curly Howard as Photographer, Moe Howard as Photographer, Arthur Jarrett as Singer, Tom Kennedy as Beavers, Leonid Kinskey as Jake the Cabbie, Stan Laurel as Stanley, Tom London as Paul Revere, Edwin Maxwell as Buddy Goldfarb, Polly Moran as Henrietta Clemp, Jeanne Olsen as Herself (Mrs. Jimmy Durante), Jack Pearl as Baron Munchausen, Jed Prouty as Theatre Manager, Eddie Quillan as Bob, Shirley Ross as Herself (Shirley Ross), Arthur Treacher as Jimmy’s Butler, Lupe Velez as Herself (Lupe Velez)/Jaguar Woman, Frances Williams as Herself (Frances Williams), Clarence Wilson as Scientific Pendant, & Robert Young as Himself (Robert Young); as well as Song information is from the Hollywood Party page at The Internet Movie Database (www.imdb.com) at  http://us.imdb.com/Details?0025263

Additional information for characters Schnarzan (“the Shouting Conqueror”), Linda (“the Clemps’ Neice”), Duke (“/Liondora, the Rival Star”), Knapp (“Schnarzan’s Manager”), Beavers (“the Doorman”), Doorman (“for the scientific Gentlemen”), & Buddy Goldfarb (“Liondora’s Manager”); as well as new cast information for Billy Bletcher as The Big Bad Wolf, Walt Disney as Mickey Mouse, Muriel Evans as Dinner Guest (Seated at table during bidding), & Tom Herbert as Bartender from the Hollywood Party page at Barnes & Nobles (http://www.barnesandnoble.com/) athttp://video.barnesandnoble.com/search/product.asp?VIEW=CCC&EAN=27616243539&userid=1BUYQC61I3#castcrew




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