How The Toys Saved Christmas

(La Freccia Azzurra)



Direct To Video Release Date: October 21, 1997

Italian Release Date: August 28, 1996

Copyright: La Lanterna Magica, Fama Film, Monipoly Productions, Media Investment Club © 1996; Miramax Film Corp. © 1997

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Length: 78 Minutes



Cast Characters Songs



            Sonja Ball ~ Jingles

            Thor Bishopric ~ Pilot

            Chris Bleth ~ Musician

            Michael Caloz ~ Christopher

            Mark Camacho ~ Rascal; Rosco

            Maggie Castle ~ Polly

            Bruce Dinsmore ~ Mr. Potter; Red Pencil

            Richard M. Dumont ~ Conductor; Skipper

            Holly Frankle ~ Holly

            Susan Glover ~ Alfred

            Arthur Holden ~ Traindriver

            Jenna Jacobson ~ Vocalist

            Garry Jewell ~ Statue; Wizard

            Rick Jones ~ Duck; General Lajoie

            Phil Krawzak ~ Musician

            Walter Massey ~ Mr. Tinker

            Stephanie Mijanovich ~ Musician

            Mary Tyler Moore ~ Granny Rose

            Joanna Noyes ~ Maid; Ticket Seller

            Goeffrey Nudell ~ Musician

            The Paulist Boy Choristers Of California ~ Vocalists

            Tony Randall ~ Mr. Grimm

            Michael Rudder ~ Theodore; Trainman

            Terry Scammel ~ Chief; Green Pencil

            Neil Shee ~ Santa Claus

            Skip Waring ~ Musician

            Jane Woods ~ Milford




            Alfred ~ Susan Glover

            Chief ~ Terry Scammel

            Christopher ~ Michael Caloz

            Conductor ~ Richard M. Dumont

            Duck ~ Rick Jones

            General Lajoie ~ Rick Jones

            Granny Rose ~ Mary Tyler Moore

            Green Pencil ~ Terry Scammel

            Holly ~ Holly Frankle

            Jingles ~ Sonja Ball

            Maid ~ Joanna Noyes

            Milford ~ Jane Woods

            Mr. Grimm ~ Tony Randall

            Mr. Potter ~ Bruce Dinsmore

            Mr. Tinker ~ Walter Massey

            Pilot ~ Thor Bishopric

            Polly ~ Maggie Castle

            Rascal ~ Mark Camacho

            Red Pencil ~ Bruce Dinsmore

            Rosco ~ Mark Camacho

            Santa Claus ~ Neil Shee

            Skipper ~ Richard M. Dumont

            Statue ~ Garry Jewell

            Theodore ~ Michael Rudder

            Ticket Seller ~ Joanna Noyes

            Traindriver ~ Arthur Holden

            Trainman ~ Michael Rudder

            Wizard ~ Garry Jewell





            Chris Bleth

            Phil Krawzak

            Stephanie Mijanovich

            Goeffrey Nudell

            Skip Waring


            The Paulist Boy Choristers Of California

            Jenna Jacobson





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