The Adventures Of Ichabod And Mr. Toad



Released: Official Release Date: October 5, 1949

Copyright: Walt Disney Productions © 1949

MPAA Rating: G (General Audiences ~ All Ages Admitted)

Length: 68 Minutes



Cast Characters Songs



            Claud Allister ~ Rat

            Eric Blore ~ J. Thaddeus Toad

            Collin Campbell ~ Mole

            Bing Crosby ~ Brom Bones; Ichabod Crane; Narrator, The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow

            Leslie Denison ~ Judge; Weasel #1

            Campbell Grant ~ Angus MacBadger

            John McLeish ~ Prosecutor (credited as John Ployhardt)

            J. Pat O’Malley ~ Cyril Proudbottom

            Basil Rathbone ~ Narrator, The Wind In The Willows

            The Rhythmaires

            Edmond Stevens ~ Weasel #2

            Ollie Wallace ~ Winkie




            Angus MacBadger ~ Campbell Grant

            Baltus Van Tassel

            Brom Bones ~ Bing Crosby

            Court Clerk

            Cyril Proudbottom ~ J. Pat O’Malley



            Ichabod Crane ~ Bing Crosby

            J. Thaddeus Toad ~ Eric Blore

            Judge ~ Leslie Denison

            Katrina Van Tassel

            Mole ~ Collin Campbell

            Narrator, The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow ~ Bing Crosby

            Narrator, The Wind In The Willows ~ Basil Rathbone

            Prosecutor  ~ John McLeish (credited as John Ployhardt)

            Rat ~ Claud Allister


            Weasel #1 ~ Leslie Denison

            Weasel #2 ~ Edmond Stevens

            Winkie ~ OllieWallace




“The Headless Horseman”



“The Merrily Song”



Cast and Character names for Leslie Denison as Judge and Weasel #1 (“First Weasel”), Edmond Stevens as Weasel #2 (“Second Weasel”), & Ollie Wallace as Winkie; as well as Character Names for J. Thaddeus Toad, Cyril Proudbottom, Prosecutor, Mole, Angus MacBadger, Rat, Ichabod Crane, Brom Bones, Katrina; as well as Song Titles Ichabod, Katrina, The Headless Horseman, & The Merrily Song from the The Adventures Of Ichabod & Mr. Toad page at Disney.com (disney.go.com) at http://psc.disney.go.com/disneyvideos/moviefinder/products/1958103.html

Revised Character name Katrina Van Tassel(“Katrina”) from the The Adventures Of Ichabod & Mr. Toad page at Disney.com (disney.go.com) at  http://disney.go.com/disneyatoz/archives/

Character names for Doctor, Court Clerk, Baltus Van Tassel, Tilda, Gunpowder from Encyclopedia Of A Walt Disney’s Animated Characters (Rev. Ed.) (1993) by John Grant, published by Hyperion Books (New York).  Also lists Alec Harford as the voice of Winkie, contrary to the Disney site.  More confirmation will be needed to make a change on the site.





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