Lady And The Tramp II: Scamp’s Adventure



Released To Select Theatres: February 18, 2001

Direct To Video Release Date: February 27, 2001

Copyright: Disney Enterprises, Inc. © 2000

MPAA Rating: G (General Audiences ~ All Ages Admitted)

Length: 70 Minutes


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This sequel to 1955’s Lady And The Tramp stars none of the original voices. The characters from the first film that appear in this sequel include Lady, Tramp, Jim Dear, Darling, Jock, Trusty, Aunt Sarah, Si, and Am.Tony and Joe have cameos in this film (with only one speaking line each, in the song “Prologue (Welcome Home)”. In the 1955 movie, Scamp, Annette, Collette, Danielle, and Junior all appear; but Junior has no lines to speak of in the first movie (except for some uncredited baby cries), and the four puppies have no lines to speak of either (some barking?).

New characters include a new Dogcatcher, the Junkyard Dogs (Buster, Francois, Mooch, Ruby, Sparky, Angel, and a seventh dog who appears to have no name and no voice), and two other new dogs: Reggie, who guards a back alley; and Otis, whom we meet in the dog pound.  Also, there is a running gag involving Mrs. Mahoney, a lady who keeps loosing her wig.

The Chorus singers aren’t credited to a particular song, but sing “Prologue (Welcome Home)” andEpilogue”.These two songs could easily have been retitled “Welcome Home” and “Welcome Home (Reprise)”.The Chorus singers are actually singing voices for the town’s citizens, and aren’t just orchestral or soundtrack voices.

Also, note that Angel has not one, but two singing voices: Susan Egan (Megara in Hercules) sings all of Angel’s solo vocals, while in the group number “Junkyard Society Rag”, Melissa Manchester (who co-wrote the songs for this and The Great Mouse Detective, also providing the voice of the Dancing Girl) is credited as being the sixth member of the gang to be singing. Other characters with separate speaking and singing voices are Scamp (Scott Wolf speaks while Roger Bart - the singing voice of teenage Hercules - sings) and Buster (Chazz Palminteri speaks, and Jess Harnell sings).

“Bella Notte (This Is The Night)” is the end title song, and thus we assume that it is Not any of the characters singing, but rather a pop recording.



            Roger Bart ~ Scamp (singing)

            Jeff Bennett ~ Dogcatcher; ~ Jock; Tramp; Trusty

            Jodi Benson ~ Lady

            Mary Kay Bergman ~ Si

            Amick Byram ~ Chorus

            Jim Cummings ~ Tony

            Debi Derryberry ~ Annette

            Susan Egan ~ Angel (singing – “Always There” & “I Didn’t Know I Could Feel This Way”)

            Joy Enriquez ~ “Bella Notte (This Is The Night)”

            Bill Fagerbakke ~ Mooch

            Barbara Goodson ~ Darling

            Michael Gough ~ Joe

            Jess Harnell ~ Buster (singing)

            Susan Holder ~ Chorus

            Nick Jameson ~ Jim Dear

            Norman Large ~ Chorus

            Rick Logan ~ Chorus

            Tress MacNeille ~ Am; Aunt Sarah

            Melissa Manchester ~ Angel (singing – “Junkyard Society Rag”)

            Andrew McDonough ~ Junior

            Alyssa Milano ~ Angel (speaking)

            Cathy Moriarty ~ Ruby

            Bobbi Page ~ Chorus

            Chazz Palminteri ~ Buster (speaking)

            Rob Paulsen ~ Otis

            Bronson Pinchot ~ Francois

            Carlos Ponce ~ “Bella Notte (This Is The Night)”

            Mickey Rooney ~ Sparky

            Christina Saffran ~ Chorus

            Kath Soucie ~ Collette; Danielle

            Frank Welker ~ Reggie

            April Winchell ~ Mrs. Mahoney

            Scott Wolf ~ Scamp (speaking)




            Am ~ Tress MacNeille

            Angel ~ Susan Egan (singing – “Always There” & “I Didn’t Know I Could Feel This Way”); Melissa Manchester (singing – “Junkyard Society Rag”); Alyssa Milano (speaking)

            Annette ~ Debi Derryberry

            Aunt Sarah ~ Tress MacNeille

            Buster  ~ Jess Harnell (singing); Chazz Palminteri (speaking)

            Collette ~ Kath Soucie

            Danielle ~ Kath Soucie

            Darling ~ Barbara Goodson

            Dogcatcher ~ Jeff Bennett

            Francois ~ Bronson Pinchot

            Jim Dear ~ Nick Jameson

            Jock ~ Jeff Bennett

            Joe ~ Michael Gough

            Junior ~ Andrew McDonough

            Lady ~ Jodi Benson

            Mooch ~ Bill Fagerbakke

            Mrs. Mahoney ~ April Winchell

            Otis ~ Rob Paulsen

            Reggie ~ Frank Welker

            Ruby ~ Cathy Moriarty

            Scamp ~ Roger Bart (singing); Scott Wolf (speaking)

            Si ~ Mary Kay Bergman

            Sparky ~ Mickey Rooney

            Tony ~ Jim Cummings

            Tramp ~ Jeff Bennett

            Trusty ~ Jeff Bennett




“Always There”

            Roger Bart as Scamp

            Jeff Bennett as Tramp

            Jodi Benson as Lady

            Susan Egan as Angel

“Bella Notte (This Is The Night)”

            Joy Enriquez

            Carlos Ponce


“I Didn’t Know I Could Feel This Way”

            Roger Bart as Scamp

            Susan Egan as Angel

“Junkyard Society Rag”

            Bill Fagerbakke as Mooch

            Jess Harnell as Buster

            Melissa Manchester as Angel

            Cathy Moriarty as Ruby

            Bronson Pinchot as Francois

            Mickey Rooney as Sparky

“Prologue (Welcome Home)”

            Jeff Bennett as Tramp

            Jodi Benson as Lady

            Jim Cummings as Tony

            Debi Derryberry as Annette

            Michael Gough as Joe

            Kath Soucie as Collette

            Kath Soucie as Danielle

“World Without Fences”

            Roger Bart as Scamp


            Amick Byram

            Susan Holder

            Norman Large

            Rick Logan

            Bobbi Page

            Christina Saffran




2001 Annie Award Nominee ~ Outstanding Achievement In An Animated Home Video Production ~ Walt Disney Television Animation

2001 Annie Award Nominee ~ Outstanding Individual Achievement For Directing In An Animated Feature Production ~ Darrell Rooney & Jeannine Roussel

2001 Annie Award Nominee ~ Outstanding Individual Achievement For Voice Acting By A Female Performer In An Animated Feature Production ~ Jodi Benson as the voice of Lady

2001 Annie Award Nominee ~ Outstanding Individual Achievement For Voice Acting By A Female Performer In An Animated Feature Production ~ Alyssa Milano as the voice of Angel




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