Mickey’s Twice Upon A Christmas



Direct To Video Premiere Release Date: November 9, 2004

Copyright: Disney Enterprises, Inc. (c) 2004

MPAA Rating: G (General Audiences ~ All Ages Admitted)

Length: 68 Minutes 


Cast Characters Songs Awards




            Wayne Allwine ~ Mickey Mouse

            Tony Anselmo ~ Donald Duck

            Enoch Azmuth ~ Disney Holiday Chorus Tenor [credited as Enoch Asmuth]

            Kirk Baily ~ Additional Voice (Loop Group)

            Vatsche Barsoumian ~ Disney Holiday Chorus Baritone/Bass

            Jeff Bennett

            Gregg Berger ~ Additional Voice

            Matt Bissonette ~ "Share This Day" Background Vocals

            Dick Bolks ~ Disney Holiday Chorus Baritone/Bass

            Susan Boyd ~ Disney Holiday Chorus Alto

            Eric Bradley ~ Disney Holiday Chorus Baritone/Bass

            Leanna Brand ~ Disney Holiday Chorus Alto

            Sally Ann Brooks ~ Additional Voice (Loop Group)

            Oliver Brown ~ Additional Voice (Loop Group)

            Joanna Bushnell ~ Disney Holiday Chorus Soprano

            Amick Byram ~ Disney Holiday Chorus Tenor

            Elin Carlson ~ Disney Holiday Chorus Soprano

            Augostino Castagnola ~ Disney Holiday Chorus Tenor

            Alvin Chea ~ Disney Holiday Chorus Baritone/Bass

            Dwayne Condon ~ Disney Holiday Chorus Tenor

            David Cowgill ~ Additional Voice (Loop Group)

            Rachel Crane ~ Additional Voice (Loop Group)

            Randy Crenshaw ~ Disney Holiday Chorus Tenor

            Jim Cummings ~ Blitzen; Additional Voice

            Tim Davis ~ Disney Holiday Chorus Tenor

            Scott Dicken ~ Disney Holiday Chorus Baritone/Bass

            Monique Donnelly ~ Disney Holiday Chorus Soprano

            Fran Durham ~ Disney Holiday Chorus Soprano

            Ryan Dyer ~ Disney Holiday Chorus Child

            Bill Farmer ~ Goofy; Pluto

            Shaun Fleming ~ Maximillian "Max" Goof (singing "We Wish You A Merry Christmas/Deck The Halls/Jingle Bells")

            Tim Gilstrap ~ Disney Holiday Chorus Tenor

            Jackie Gonneau ~ Additional Voice (Loop Group)

            Debbie Hall ~ Disney Holiday Chorus Alto

            Linda Harmon ~ Disney Holiday Chorus Soprano

            Karen Harper ~ Disney Holiday Chorus Alto

            Walter S. Harrah ~ "Make Me Look Good" Chorus [credited as Walt Harrah]

            Wendy Hoffman ~ Additional Voice (Loop Group)

            Cork Hubbert ~ Additional Voice

            Luana Jackman ~ Disney Holiday Chorus Alto

            Clydene Jackson-Edwards ~ Disney Holiday Chorus Alto [credited as Clydene Jackson Edwards]

            Robert Joyce ~ Disney Holiday Chorus Baritone/Bass [credited as Bob Joyce]

            Kerry Katz ~ Disney Holiday Chorus Baritone/Bass

            Josh Kelley ~ "Share This Day"

            Terri Koide ~ Disney Holiday Chorus Soprano

            Tom Leonard ~ Maximillian "Max" Goof (singing "Make Me Look Good")

            Nicolette Little ~ Additional Voice (Loop Group)

            Rick Logan ~ "Make Me Look Good" Chorus; Disney Holiday Chorus Tenor

            Tress MacNeille ~ Daisy Duck

            Guy Maeda ~ Disney Holiday Chorus Baritone/Bass

            Jason Marsden ~ Maximillian "Max" Goof (speaking)

            Kellie Martin ~ Additional Voice

            Myrna Matthews ~ Disney Holiday Chorus Alto

            Chuck McCann

            Edie McClurg ~ Additional Voice

            Donna Medine ~ Disney Holiday Chorus Alto

            Zoe Merrill ~ Disney Holiday Chorus Child

            Meagan Moore ~ Disney Holiday Chorus Child

            Mark Robert Myers ~ Additional Voice (Loop Group)

            Aaron Page ~ Disney Holiday Chorus Child

            Bobbi Page ~ Disney Holiday Chorus Soprano

            Rob Paulsen ~ Additional Voice

            Zoe Poll ~ Additional Voice (Loop Group)

            Phil Proctor ~ Additional Voice (Loop Group)

            Clive Revill

            Al Rodrigo ~ Additional Voice (Loop Group)

            Gabriel Rutman ~ Disney Holiday Chorus Tenor

            Peter Siragusa ~ Additional Voice

            Andre Sogliuzzo ~ Additional Voice (Loop Group)

            W. K. Stratton ~ Additional Voice (Loop Group)

            Russi Taylor ~ Dewey; Huey; Louie; Minnie Mouse

            Carmen Twillie ~ Disney Holiday Chorus Alto

            John West ~ Disney Holiday Chorus Baritone/Bass

            Gene Weygandt ~ Additional Voice

            Gerald White ~ "Make Me Look Good" Chorus; Disney Holiday Chorus Tenor

            Yvonne Williams ~ Disney Holiday Chorus Soprano [credited as Eyvonne Williams]

            April Winchell ~ Additional Voice

            Terry Wood ~ Disney Holiday Chorus Soprano

            Alan Young ~ Uncle Scrooge McDuck



            Blitzen ~ Jim Cummings



            Daisy Duck ~ Tress MacNeille



            Dewey ~ Russi Taylor

            Donald Duck ~ Tony Anselmo


            Huey ~ Russi Taylor

            Goofy ~ Bill Farmer

            Jailbreak Bob

            Louie ~ Russi Taylor

            Maximillian "Max" Goof ~ Shaun Fleming (singing "We Wish You A Merry Christmas/Deck The Halls/Jingle Bells"); Tom Leonard (singing "Make Me Look Good"); Jason Marsden (speaking)

            Mickey Mouse ~ Wayne Allwine

            Minnie Mouse ~ Russi Taylor




            Pluto ~ Bill Farmer


            Santa Claus

            Uncle Scrooge McDuck ~ Alan Young






"Belles On Ice"

"It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year"

"Make Me Look Good"

            Walt Harrah in Chorus

            Tom Leonard as Maximillian "Max" Goof

            Rick Logan in Chorus

            Gerald White in Chorus

"Share This Day"

            Matt Bissonette on Background Vocals

            Josh Kelley

"We Wish You A Merry Christmas"

"We Wish You A Merry Christmas/Deck The Halls/Jingle Bells"

            Wayne Allwine as Mickey Mouse

            Tony Anselmo as Donald Duck

            Bill Farmer as Goofy

            Shaun Fleming as Maximillian "Max" Goof

            Tress MacNeille as Daisy

            Russi Taylor as Minnie Mouse

Disney Holiday Chorus

            Enoch Azmuth as Tenor [credited as Enoch Asmuth]

            Vatsche Barsoumian as Baritone/Bass

            Joanna Bushnell as Soprano

            Dick Bolks as Baritone/Bass

            Susan Boyd as Alto

            Eric Bradley as Baritone/Bass

            Leanna Brand as Alto

            Amick Byram as Tenor

            Elin Carlson as Soprano

            Augostino Castagnola as Tenor

            Alvin Chea as Baritone/Bass

            Dwayne Condon as Tenor

            Randy Crenshaw as Tenor

            Tim Davis as Tenor

            Scott Dicken as Baritone/Bass

            Monique Donnelly as Soprano

            Fran Durham as Soprano

            Ryan Dyer as Child

            Jim Gilstrap as Tenor

            Debbie Hall as Alto

            Linda Harmon as Soprano

            Karen Harper as Alto

            Luana Jackman as Alto

            Clydene Jackson-Edwards as Alto [credited as Clydene Jackson Edwards]

            Bob Joyce as Baritone/Bass

            Kerry Katz as Baritone/Bass

            Terri Koide as Soprano

            Rick Logan as Tenor

            Guy Maeda as Baritone/Bass

            Myrna Matthews as Alto

            Donna Medine as Alto

            Zoe Merrill as Child

            Meagan Moore as Child

            Aaron Page as Child

            Bobbi Page as Soprano

            Gabriel Rutman as Tenor

            Carmen Twillie as Alto

            John West as Baritone/Bass

            Gerald White as Tenor

            Yvonne Williams as Soprano [credited as Eyvonne Williams]

            Terry Wood as Soprano








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