My Neighbor Totoro

(Tonari no Totoro)



Direct To Video English Language Release: March 7, 2006

Original Japanese Language Theatrical Premiere: April 16, 1988

Copyright: Nibariki - Tokuma Shoten (c) 1988

MPAA Rating: G (General Audiences ~ All Ages Admitted)

Length: 86 Minutes


Cast Characters Songs Awards

This listing is only for Disney’s English language dub of the Studio Ghibli film. While Disney does own a controlling right in later Studio Ghibli films, and created the English language dub of this film, they do not own any copyright to this movie.




            Matt Adler ~ Additional Voice

            Newell Alexander ~ Additional Voice

            Paul Butcher ~ Kanta

            Pat Carroll ~ Granny

            Robert Clotworthy ~ Additional Voice

            Tim Daly ~ Father

            Dakota Fanning ~ Satsuki

            Elle Fanning ~ Mei

            Kimberly Guererro ~ Additional Voice

            Bridget Hoffman ~ Additional Voice

            Sonya Isaacs ~ "Hey Let's Go"; "My Neighbor Totoro"

            Kristin Klabunde ~ Additional Voice

            J. P. Manoux ~ Additional Voice

            Zahn McClarnon ~ Additional Voice

            David Midthunder ~ Additional Voice

            Toochis Morin ~ Additional Voice

            Ashley Rose Orr ~ Additional Voice

            Katelin Petersen ~ Additional Voice

            Peter Renaday ~ Additional Voice

            Yvonne Russo ~ Additional Voice

            Evan Sabara ~ Additional Voice

            Lea Salonga ~ Mother

            Kath Soucie ~ Additional Voice

            Russi Taylor ~ Additional Voice

            Frank Welker ~ Catbus; Totoro


            Catbus ~ Frank Welker

            Father ~ Tim Daly

            Granny ~ Pat Carroll

            Kanta ~ Paul Butcher

            Mei ~ Elle Fanning

            Mother ~ Lea Salonga

            Satsuki ~ Dakota Fanning

            Totoro ~ Frank Welker



"Hey Let's Go"

            Sonya Isaacs

"My Neighbor Totoro"

            Sonya Isaacs









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