Robin Hood



Official Release Date: November 8, 1973

Copyright: Walt Disney Productions © 1973

MPAA Rating: G (General Audiences ~ All Ages Admitted)

Length: 83 Minutes



Cast Characters Songs Awards



            Nancy Adams ~ Maid Marian (singing)

            Brian Bedford ~ Robin Hood

            Beulah Bondi ~ Mother Mouse

            Pat Buttram ~ Sheriff Of Nottingham

            Candy Candido ~ Crocodile

            Ken Curtis ~ Nutsy

            Andy Devine ~ Friar Tuck

            Monica Evans ~ Maid Marian (speaking)

            John Fiedler ~ Sexton Mouse

            Phil Harris ~ Little John

            Dana Laurita ~ Sis Rabbit

            George Lindsey ~ Trigger

            Barbara Luddy ~ Mother Rabbit

            Roger Miller ~ Allan-a-Dale

            J. Pat O’Malley ~ Otto

            Richie Sanders ~ Toby Turtle

            Carole Shelley ~ Lady Kluck

            Terry-Thomas ~ Sir Hiss

            Peter Ustinov ~ King Richard; Prince John

            Billy Whitaker ~ Skippy Rabbit

            Dora Whitaker ~ Tagalong Rabbit




            Allan-a-Dale ~ Roger Miller

            Country Dog

            Crocodile ~ Candy Candido

            Friar Tuck ~ Andy Devine

            Grandma Owl

            Grandpa Owl

            King Richard ~ Peter Ustinov

            Lady Kluck ~ Carole Shelley

            Little John ~ Phil Harris

            Maid Marian ~ Nancy Adams (singing); Monica Evans (speaking)

            Mother Mouse ~ Beulah Bondi

            Mother Rabbit ~ Barbara Luddy

            Nutsy ~ Ken Curtis

            Otto ~ J. Pat O’Malley

            Prince John ~ Peter Ustinov

            Robin Hood ~ Brian Bedford

            Sexton Mouse ~ John Fiedler

            Sheep Dog

            Sheriff Of Nottingham ~ Pat Buttram

            Sir Hiss ~ Terry-Thomas

            Sis Rabbit ~ Dana Laurita

            Skippy Rabbit ~ Billy Whitaker

            Tagalong Rabbit ~ Dora Whitaker

            Toby Turtle ~ Richie Sanders

            Trigger ~ George Lindsey





            Nancy Adams as Maid Marian

“Not In Nottingham”

            Roger Miller as Allan-a-Dale


            Roger Miller as Allan-a-Dale

“The Phony King Of England”

            Phil Harris as Little John


            Roger Miller as Allan-a-Dale




1973 Academy Award Nominee ~ Music (Song) ~ Floyd Huddleston (lyrics) & George Bruns (music) for “Love”



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