Rolie Polie Olie: The Great Defender Of Fun



Direct To Video Release Date: August 13, 2002

Copyright: Nelvana Limited / Sparkling* © 2002 (A Nelvana Limited / Sparling* Co-production in coproduction with La Cinquième with the assistance of The Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit and the participation of Telefilm Canada in association with The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and Movie Central through Corus Entertainment and Playhouse Disney and Centre National de la Cinématographie)

Released by: Walt Disney Home Video

MPAA Rating: G (General Audiences ~ All Ages Admitted)

Length: 75 Minutes


Cast Characters Songs Awards




            Brent Barkman ~ “Rolie Polie Olie Theme Song”

            Richard Binsley ~ Gene Littlegreen

            Kristen Bone ~ Zowie

            Rebecca Brenner ~ Pollie Pi

            Cole Caplan ~ Olie

            Len Carlson ~ Pappy; TV Announcer

            Michael Cera ~ Gizmo (young)

            Juan Chioran ~ Wally Jollie

            Neil Crone ~ Doctor Geary

            Catherine Disher ~ Mom; TV Journalist

            Kylie Fairlie ~ Dad (young); Spaceboy

            Jake Goldsbie ~ Junior Littlegreen

            Paul Haddad ~ Willy Jollie

            Ellen-Ray Hennessy ~ Bonita

            Carl Lenox ~ Gloomius Maximus (singing)

            Ali Mukaddam ~ Wheelie

            Sunday Muse ~ Binky

            Noah Reid ~ Screwy

            Robert Smith ~ Spacedog; Spot

            Adrian Truss ~ Dad (adult); Gizmo (adult)

            Joshua Tucci ~ Billy Bevel

            Philip Williams ~ Baxter

            James Woods ~ Gloomius Maximus (speaking)




            Baxter ~ Philip Williams

            Billy Bevel ~ Joshua Tucci

            Binky ~ Sunday Muse

            Bonita ~ Ellen-Ray Hennessy

            Dad ~ Kylie Fairlie (young); Adrian Truss (adult)

            Doctor Geary ~ Neil Crone

            Gene Littlegreen ~ Richard Binsley

            Gizmo ~ Michael Cera (young); Adrian Truss (adult)

            Gloomius Maximus ~ Carl Lenox (singing); James Woods (speaking)

            Junior Littlegreen ~ Jake Goldsbie

            Mom ~ Catherine Disher

            Olie ~ Cole Caplan

            Pappy ~ Len Carlson

            Pollie Pi ~ Rebecca Brenner

            Screwy ~ Noah Reid

            Spaceboy ~ Kylie Fairlie

            Spacedog ~ Robert Smith

            Spot ~ Robert Smith

            TV Announcer ~ Len Carlson

            TV Journalist ~ Catherine Disher

            Wally Jollie ~ Juan Chioran

            Wheelie ~ Ali Mukaddam

            Willy Jollie ~ Paul Haddad

            Zowie ~ Kristen Bone




Rolie Polie Olie Theme Song”

            Brent Barkman




2002 Annie Awards ~ Outstanding Achievement In An Animated Home Video Production ~ A Nelvana Limited/Sparkling* Co-Production



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