Servants’ Entrance



Official Release Date: September 26, 1934

Released by: Fox Film Corporation

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Length: 88 Minutes


Disney created an animated sequence for this film before it began making its own animated movies. It holds no ownership over the animation or any other aspect of the film, so it remains off the official list.


Cast Characters



            Astrid Allwyn ~ Sigrid Hansen
            Lew Ayres ~ Erik Lundstrom
            Gladys Blake ~ Telephone Operator
            Dorothy Christy                                   
            Walter Connolly ~ Viktor Nillson
            Ann Doran ~ Maid
            Catherine Doucet                                 

            Louise Dresser ~ Mrs. Hansen

            Janet Gaynor ~ Heddie Nisson

            Anne Gibbons ~ Gretchen

            G. P. Huntley ~ Karl Berghoff

            Ruth Marion ~ Olga

            John Marston ~ Newspaper Editor

            Greta Meyer ~ Anna

            Harold Minjir                                       

            Paul Parry                                            

            Buster Phelps ~ Tommy

            John Qualen ~ Detective

            Sig Ruman ~ Hans Hansen

            Ned Sparks ~ Hjalmar Gnu

            Jerry Stewart ~ Olaf

            Josephine Whittell ~ Christina




            Anna ~ Greta Meyer

            Christina ~ Josephine Whittell

            Detective ~ John Qualen

            Erik Lundstrom ~ Lew Ayres

            Gretchen ~ Anne Gibbons

            Hans Hansen ~ Sig Ruman

            Heddie Nisson ~ Janet Gaynor

            Hjalmar Gnu ~ Ned Sparks

            Judge Egg                                         

            Karl Berghoff ~ G. P. Huntley

            Maid ~ Ann Doran

            Mrs. Hansen ~ Louise Dresser

            Newspaper Editor ~ John Marston

            Olaf ~ Jerry Stewart

            Olga ~ Ruth Marion

            Sigrid Hansen ~ Astrid Allwyn

            Telephone Operator ~ Gladys Blake

            Tommy ~ Buster Phelps

            Viktor Nillson ~ Walter Connolly



Cast and Character information is from the Servants’ Entrance page at The Internet Movie Database (www.imdb.com) at  http://us.imdb.com/Details?0025766





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