Sleeping Beauty



Official Release Date: January 29, 1959

Copyright: Walt Disney Productions © 1958

MPAA Rating: G (General Audiences ~ All Ages Admitted)

Length: 75 Minutes


Cast Characters Songs Awards



            Barbara Jo Allen ~ Fauna

            Bill Amsbery ~ Maleficent’s Goon

            Eleanor Audley ~ Maleficent

            Candy Candido ~ Maleficent’s Goon

            Pinto Colvig ~ Maleficent’s Goon

            Mary Costa ~ Princess Aurora

            Verna Felton ~ Flora

            Taylor Holmes ~ King Stefan

            Barbara Luddy ~ Merryweather

            Dal McKennon ~ Owl

            Marvin Miller ~ Narrator

            Bill Shirley ~ Prince Phillip

            Bill Thompson ~ King Hubert




            Fauna ~ Barbara Jo Allen

            Flora ~ Verna Felton

            King Hubert ~ Bill Thompson

            King Stefan ~ Taylor Holmes

            Maleficent ~ Eleanor Audley

            Maleficent’s Goons ~ Bill Amsbery; Candy Candido; Pinto Colvig

            Merryweather ~ Barbara Luddy

            Narrator ~ Marvin Miller

            Owl ~ Dal McKennon

            Prince Phillip ~ Bill Shirley

            Princess Aurora ~ Mary Costa




“The Gifts Of Beauty And Song”

“Hail To The Princess Aurora”

“I Wonder”

            Mary Costa as Princess Aurora/Briar Rose

“Once Upon A Dream”

            Mary Costa as Princess Aurora/Briar Rose

            Bill Shirley as Prince Phillip

“Once Upon A Dream (Finale)”

“Once Upon A Dream (Main Title)”

“Skumps (The Drinking Song”

            Taylor Holmes as King Stefan

            Bill Thompson as King Hubert

“Sleeping Beauty”




1959 Academy Award Nominee ~ Music (Scoring Of A Musical Picture) ~ George Bruns



Cast and Character Names for Bill Amsbery, Pinto Colvig, & Candy Candido as Maleficent’s Goons, Dal McKennon as Owl, & Marvin Miller as Narrator; Character Names Princess Aurora, Maleficent, Fauna, Flora, Merryweather, King Stefan, King Hubert, & Prince Phillip; & Song Titles Once Upon A Dream & I Wonder from the Sleeping Beauty page at Disney.com (disney.go.com) at  http://psc.disney.go.com/disneyvideos/moviefinder/products/0951103.html





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