Spider-Man: The Ultimate Villain Showdown



Direct To Video Release Date: April 30, 2002

Copyright: Marvel Characters, Inc. & Buena Vista Home Entertainment, Inc. © 2002

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Length: 79 Minutes


Cast Characters Songs



Contains the following episodes of Spider-Man: The Animated Series:

            The Sins Of The Father: Chapter II – Make A Wish (Original TV Air Date: May 4, 1996)

            The Sins Of The Father: Chapter III – Attack Of The Octobot (Original TV Air Date: May 11, 1996)

            The Sins Of The Father: Chapter IV – Enter The Green Goblin (Original TV Air Date: May 18, 1996)

            The Sins Of The Father: Chapter V – Rocket Racer (Original TV Air Date: September 14, 1996)




            Philip Abbott ~ Wardell Stromm

            Dimitra Arliss ~ Anastasia Hardy

            Ed Asner ~ J. Jonah Jameson

            William “Pop” Attmore II ~ Robert “Rocket Racer” Farrell

            Saratoga Ballantine ~ Mary-Jane Watson

            Christopher Daniel Barnes ~ Peter “Spider-Man” Parker

            Majel Barrett ~ Anna Watson

            Roscoe Lee Browne ~ Wilson “Kingpin” Fisk

            Scott Cleverdon ~ Dr. Michael Pingree

            Michael Des Barres ~ Jackson Weele

            Stephanie Eustace ~ Maria Taina Elizando

            Linda Gary ~ Aunt May Reilly Parker

            Jennifer Hale ~ Felicia Hardy

            Mark Hamill ~ Jason Phillip “Hobgoblin” Macendale

            Telma Hopkins ~ Mrs. Farrell

            Gary Imhoff ~ Harry Osborn

            Nick Jameson ~ Additional Voice

            Alan Johnson ~ Additional Voice

            Anne Marie Johnson ~ Mousie

            Patrick Labyorteaux ~ Eugene “Flash” Thompson

            Joan B. Lee ~ Madame Web

            Dawnn Lewis ~ Detective Terri Lee

            Anthony Marciona ~ Additional Voice

            Jonathan Michael ~ Additional Voice

            Joe Perry ~ “Spider-Man: The Animated Series Theme Song”

            Neil Ross ~ Norman “Green Goblin” Osborn

            Marla Jeanette Rubinoff ~ Liz Allan

            Michael Rye ~ Dr. Farley Stillwell

            Rodney Saulsberry ~ Joe “Robbie” Robertson

            Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. ~ Dr. Otto “Octopus” Octavius




            Anastasia Hardy ~ Dimitra Arliss

            Anna Watson ~ Majel Barrett

            Aunt May Reilly Parker ~ Linda Gary

            Detective Terri Lee ~ Dawnn Lewis

            Dr. Farley Stillwell ~ Michael Rye

            Dr. Michael Pingree ~ Scott Cleverdon

            Dr. Otto “Octopus” Octavius ~ Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.

            Eugene “Flash” Thompson ~ Patrick Labyorteaux

            Felicia Hardy ~ Jennifer Hale

            Harry Osborn ~ Gary Imhoff

            J. Jonah Jameson ~ Ed Asner

            Jackson Weele ~ Michael Des Barres

            Jason Phillip “Hobgoblin” Macendale ~ Mark Hamill

            Joe “Robbie” Robertson ~ Rodney Saulsberry

            Liz Allan ~ Marla Jeanette Rubinoff

            Madame Web ~ Joan B. Lee

            Maria Taina Elizando ~ Stephanie Eustace

            Mary-Jane Watson ~ Saratoga Ballantine

            Mousie ~ Anne Marie Johnson

            Mrs. Farrell ~ Telma Hopkins

            Norman “Green Goblin” Osborn ~ Neil Ross

            Peter “Spider-Man” Parker ~ Christopher Daniel Barnes

            Robert “Rocket Racer” Farrell ~ William “Pop” Attmore II

            Wardell Stromm ~ Philip Abbott

            Wilson “Kingpin” Fisk ~ Roscoe Lee Browne




Spider-Man: The Animated Series Theme Song

            Joe Perry




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