Stanley's Dinosaur Round-Up



Original Television Premiere: August 18, 2003 (Canada); January 10, 2004 (United States)

DVD/Video Release: January 3, 2006

Copyright: Disney Enterprises, Inc. (c) 2003

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Length: 70 Minutes


Cast Characters Songs Awards



           Khylan Jones ~ Marci; Mimi

            David Landsberg ~ Mr. Griff

            Ariadne Meyers ~ Mrs. Griff

            Rene Mujica ~ Harry the Dog

            Shawn Pyfrom ~ Lionel Griff

            Randy Quaid ~ Rockin' Rory

            Riders In The Sky ~ "Believe In Youself"; "Cowboy Stanley"; "Great Big Book", "Main Title Theme"; "Stanley Rides Again"

            John Ritter ~ Great Uncle Stew

            Philece Sampler ~ Lester

            Charles Shaughnessy ~ Dennis the Goldfish

            Hillary B. Smith ~ Paleontologist

            Jessica D. Stone ~ Stanley Griff

            Hynden Walch ~ Elsie the Cat



            Dennis the Goldfish ~ Charles Shaughnessy

            Elsie the Cat ~ Hynden Walch

            Great Uncle Stew ~ John Ritter

            Harry the Dog ~ Rene Mujica

            Lester ~ Philece Sampler

            Lionel Griff ~ Shawn Pyfrom

            Marci ~ Khylan Jones

            Mimi ~ Khylan Jones

            Mr. Griff ~ David Landsberg

            Mrs. Griff ~ Ariadne Meyers

            Paleontologist ~ Hillary B. Smith

            Rockin' Rory ~ Randy Quaid

            Stanley Griff ~ Jessica D. Stone




"Believe In Your Dreams"

            Riders In The Sky

"Cowboy Stanley"

            Riders In The Sky

"Great Big Book"

            Riders In The Sky

"Main Title Theme"

             Riders In The Sky

"Stanley Rides Again"

             Riders In The Sky







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