Tarzan II



Premiere Direct-To-DVD Release: June 14, 2005

Copyright: Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. & Disney Enterprises, Inc. (c) 2005

MPAA Rating: G (General Audiences ~ All Ages Admitted)

Length: 72 Minutes


Cast Characters



            Cody Arens ~ Additional Voice (Loop Group)

            Hamilton Camp ~ Additional Voice

            Bill Cantos ~ "Who Am I?" Additional Background Vocals

            George Carlin ~ Zugor

            Harrison Chad ~ Tarzan

            Cam Clarke ~ Additional Voice (Loop Group)

            Glenn Close ~ Kala

            Phil Collins ~ "Leaving Home (Find My Way)"; "Son Of Man"; "Who Am I?"

            David Cowgill ~ Additional Voice (Loop Group)

            Rachel Crane ~ Additional Voice (Loop Group)

            Baron Davis ~ Additional Voice

            Moosie Drier ~ Additional Voice (Loop Group)

            Tiffany Evans ~ "Who Am I? (End Credit Version)"

            Harrison Fahn ~ Tantor

            Daniel Fetter ~ Children's Choir

            Lynn Fiddmont ~ "Who Am I?" Additional Background Vocals

            Brad Garrett ~ Uto

            Jackie Gonneau ~ Additional Voice (Loop Group)

            Brenda Grate ~ Terkina "Terk"

            Khamani Griffin ~ Additional Voice (Loop Group)

            Karen Harper ~ Children's Choir

            Estelle Harris ~ Mama Gunda

            Lance Henriksen ~ Kerchak

            Wendy Hoffman ~ Additional Voice (Loop Group)

            Connor Hutcherson ~ Additional Voice

            Rif Hutton ~ Additional Voice (Loop Group)

            Connie Jackson ~ "Who Am I?" Additional Background Vocals

            Amy Keys ~ "Who Am I?" Additional Background Vocals

            Little Dreams Band ~ "Who Am I?" Background Vocals; "Who Am I?" Additional Percussion

            Ashlyn Matheus ~ Additional Voice

            Connor Matheus ~ Additional Voice 

            Arnold McCuller ~ "Who Am I?" Additional Background Vocals

            Iona Morris ~ Additional Voice

            Mary Mouser ~ Additional Voice (Loop Group)

            Mark Robert Myers ~ Additional Voice (Loop Group)

            Bobbi Page ~ Children's Choir

            Patty Parris ~ Additional Voice

            Ron Perlman ~ Kago

            Grace Rolek ~ Additional Voice (Loop Group)

            Anika Noni Rose ~ Children's Choir

            Jennessa Rose ~ Additional Voice (Loop Group)

            Julianna Rose ~ Additional Voice (Loop Group)

            W. K. Stratton ~ Additional Voice (Loop Group)

            Leon G. Thomas ~ Children's Choir

            Lori Tritel ~ Additional Voice

            Ayana Williams ~ Children's Choir

            April Winchell ~ Additional Voice




            Kago ~ Ron Perlman

            Kala ~ Glenn Close

            Kerchak ~ Lance Henriksen

            Mama Gunda ~ Estelle Harris

            Tantor ~ Harrison Fahn

            Tarzan ~ Harrison Chad

            Terkina "Terk" ~ Brenda Grate

            Uto ~ Brad Garrett

            Zugor ~ George Carlin




"Leaving Home (Find My Way)"

            Phil Collins

"Son Of Man"

            Phil Collins

"Who Am I?"

            Bill Cantos as Additional Background Vocals

            Phil Collins

            Lynn Fiddmont as Additional Background Vocals

            Connie Jackson as Additional Background Vocals

            Amy Keys as Additional Background Vocals

            Little Breams Band as Background Vocals and Additional Percussion

            Arnold McCuller as Additional Background Vocals 

Children's Choir

            Daniel Fetter

            Karen Harper

            Bobbi Page

            Anika Noni Rose

            Leon G. Thomas

            Ayana Willaims




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