Tarzan And Jane



Direct To Video Release Date: July 23, 2002

Copyright: Disney Enterprises, Inc. © 2002

MPAA Rating: G (General Audiences ~ All Ages Admitted)

Length: 70 Minutes



Cast Characters Songs


Contains the following (unaried) episodes of “The Legend Of Tarzan”:

            Tarzan And The British Invasion

            Tarzan And The Volcanic Diamond Mine

            Tarzan And The Flying Ace



            Tracy Ackerman ~ “The Song Of Life” Chorus

            Rene Auberjonois ~ Renard Dumont

            Jeff Bennett ~ Professor Archimedes Q. Porter

            Phil Collins ~ “Two Worlds”

            Jim Cummings ~ Tantor

            Olivia d’Abo ~ Jane Porter

            Grey Delisle ~ Greenly

            Alexis Denisof ~ Nigel Taylor

            Karen Harper ~ “The Song Of Life” Chorus

            Mandy Moore ~ “The Song Of Life”, “Two Worlds” Additional Vocals

            John O’Hurley ~ Niels

            Richard Page ~ “The Song Of Life” Chorus

            Phil Proctor ~ Captain Jerrold

            Kevin Michael Richardson ~ Merkus

            Nicollette Sheridan ~ Eleanor

            Tara Strong ~ Hazel

            Michael T. Weiss ~ Tarzan

            Frank Welker ~ Manu

            Dick Wells ~ “The Song Of Life” Chorus

            April Winchell ~ Terkina “Terk”

            Scott Wojhan ~ “The Song Of Life” Chorus




            Captain Jerrold ~ Phil Proctor

            Eleanor ~ Nicollette Sheridan

            Greenly ~ Grey Delisle

            Hazel ~ Tara Strong

            Jane Porter ~ Olivia d’Abo

            Manu ~ Frank Welker

            Merkus ~ Kevin Michael Richardson

            Niels ~ John O’Hurley

            Nigel Taylor ~ Alexis Denisof

            Professor Archimedes Q. Porter ~ Jeff Bennett

            Renard Dumont ~ Rene Auberjonois

            Tantor ~ Jim Cummings

            Tarzan ~ Michael T. Weiss

            Terkina “Terk” ~ April Winchell




“Jane’s Theme”

“The Song Of Life”

            Tracy Ackerman ~ Chorus

            Karen Harper ~ Chorus

            Mandy Moore

            Richard Page ~ Chorus

            Dick Wells ~ Chorus

            Scott Wojhan ~ Chorus

“Two Worlds”

            Phil Collins

            Mandy Moore ~ Additional Vocals



Info for Kevin Michael Richardson as Merkus comes from the Lilo And Stitch press release, some of which is available here.

Character names for Niels, Eleanor, Renard Dumont, Hazel, Greenly, Nigel Taylor, Captain Jerrold; and Cast and Character name for Frank Welker as Manu from http://psc.disney.go.com/disneyvideos/moviefinder/products/2395603.html



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