The Hunchback Of Notre Dame



Premiere Release Date: June 19, 1996

Official Release Date: June 21, 1996

Copyright: Disney Enterprises, Inc. © 1996

MPAA Rating: G (General Audiences ~ All Ages Admitted)

Length: 90 Minutes



Cast Characters Songs Awards



            Jason Alexander ~ Hugo

            All-4-One ~ “Someday (End Title)”

            Jack Angel ~ Additional Voice

            Joan Barber ~ Additional Voice

            Scott Barnes ~ Additional Voice

            Bob Bergen ~ Additional Voice

            Mary Kay Bergman ~ Quasimodo’s Mother; Additional Voice

            Susan Blu ~ Additional Voice

            Maureen Brennan ~ Additional Voice

            Rodger Bumpass ~ Additional Voice

            Corey Burton ~ Brutish Guard; Additional Voice

            Victoria Clark ~ Additional Voice

            Philip Clarke ~ Additional Voice

            Jim Cummings ~ Guard; Gypsies

            Jennifer Darling ~ Additional Voice

            Debi Derryberry ~ Additional Voice

            Jonathan Dokuchitz ~ Additional Voice

            Bill Fagerbakke ~ Oafish Guard

            Bill Farmer ~ Additional Voice

            Laurie Faso ~ Additional Voice

            Merwin Foard ~ Additional Voice

            Dana Hill ~ Additional Voice

            Tom Hulce ~ Quasimodo

            Tony Jay ~ Judge Claude Frollo

            Paul Kandel ~ Clopin

            Judy Kaye ~ Additional Voice

            Charles Kimbrough ~ Victor

            Kevin Kline ~ Phoebus

            Eddie Korbich ~ Additional Voice

            Alex Korey ~ Additional Voice

            Michael Lindsay ~ Additional Voice

            Sherry Lynn ~ Additional Voice

            Mona Marshall ~ Additional Voice

            Howard McGillin ~ Additional Voice

            Mickie McGowan ~ Additional Voice

            Anna McNeely ~ Additional Voice

            Heidi Mollenhauer ~ Esmerelda (singing)

            Bruce Moore ~ Additional Voice

            Demi Moore ~ Esmerelda (speaking)

            David Ogden Stiers ~ Archdeacon

            Denise Pickering ~ Additional Voice

            Patrick Pinney ~ Guard; Gypsies; Additional Voice

            Phil Proctor ~ Additional Voice

            Jan Rabson ~ Additional Voice

            Peter Samuel ~ Additional Voice

            Kath Soucie ~ Additional Voice

            Gordon Stanley ~ Additional Voice

            Mary Stout ~ Laverne (additional singing); Additional Voice

            Gary Trousdale ~ Djali; Guard; The Old Heretic

            Marcelo Tubert ~ Additional Voice

            Frank Welker ~ Baby Bird

            Mary Wickes ~ Laverne

            Jane Withers ~ Laverne (additional speaking)





            Archdeacon ~ David Ogden Stiers

            Baby Bird ~ Frank Welker


            Brutish Guard ~ Corey Burton

            Clopin ~ Paul Kandel

            Djali ~ Gary Trousdale

            Esmerelda ~ Heidi Mollenhauer (singing); Demi Moore (speaking)

            Guard ~ Jim Cummings

            Guard ~ Patrick Pinney

            Guard ~ Gary Trousdale

            Gypsies ~ Jim Cummings

            Gypsies ~ Patrick Pinney

            Hugo ~ Jason Alexander

            Judge Claude Frollo ~ Tony Jay

            Laverne ~ Mary Stout (additional singing); Mary Wickes; Jane Withers (additional speaking)

            The Magic Carpet

            Oafish Guard ~ Bill Fagerbakke

            The Old Heretic ~ Gary Trousdale

            Phoebus ~ Kevin Kline


            Quasimodo ~ Tom Hulce

            Quasimodo’s Mother ~ Mary Kay Bergman


            Victor ~ Charles Kimbrough




“The Bells Of Notre Dame”

            Tony Jay as Judge Claude Frollo

            Paul Kandel as Clopin

            David Ogden Stiers as Archdeacon

“The Bells Of Notre Dame (Reprise)”

            Paul Kandel as Clopin

“The Court Of Miracles”

            Paul Kandel as Clopin

“God Help The Outcasts”

            Heidi Mollenhauer as Esmerelda

“A Guy Like You”

            Jason Alexander as Hugo

            Charles Kimbrough as Victor

            Mary Stout as Laverne

            Mary Wickes as Laverne

“Heaven’s Light/Hellfire”

            Tom Hulce as Quasimodo

            Tony Jay as Judge Claude Frollo

“Out There”

            Tom Hulce as Quasimodo

            Tony Jay as Judge Claude Frollo

 “Someday (End Title)”


“Topsy Turvy”

            Paul Kandel as Clopin 




1996 Academy Award Nominee ~ Music (Original Musical Or Comedy Score) ~ Alan Menken & Stephen Schwartz

1996 Razzie Award Nominee ~ The Joe Eszterhas Worst Written Film Grossing Over $100 Million Award ~ Tab Murphy, Irene Mecchi, Bob Tzudiker, & Noni White (animation screenplay authors)



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