The Princess And The Frog



Official Premiere Release Date: November 25, 2009

Official General Release Date: December 11, 2009

Copyright: Disney Enterprises, Inc. © 2009

MPAA Rating: G (General Audiences ~ All Ages Admitted)

Length: 98 Minutes



Cast Characters Songs Awards



            Keith Anthony ~ additional voice

            Johnathan Atkinson ~ video reference primary dancer

            Peter Bartlett ~ Lawrence

            Eddie Baytos ~ additional video reference

            Terence Blanchard ~ Louis (trumpet)

            Kwesi Boakye ~ additional voice

            Paul Briggs ~ Two Fingers

            Breanna Brooks ~ Charlotte La Bouff (young)

            Jesse Casper Brown ~ video reference primary dancer

            Roger Aaron Brown ~ additional voice

            Corey Burton ~ Mr. Harvey Fenner

            Shari Butler ~ video reference primary dancer

            Bruno Campos ~ Prince Naveen

            David Carmon ~ video reference primary dancer

            June Christopher ~ additional voice

            Jennifer Cody ~ Charlotte La Bouff

            Michael Colyar ~ Buford

            David Cowgill ~ additional voice

            Jim Cummings ~ Ray

            Elizabeth Dampier ~ Tiana (young)

            Keith David ~ Dr. Facilier

            Peter Del Vecho ~ additional voice

            Terri Douglas ~ additional voice

            Dr. John ~ “Down In New Orleans

            Jeff Draheim ~ additional voice

            Rob Edwards ~ additional voice

            Mallauri Esquibel ~ video reference miscellaneous dancer

            Briana Feehan ~ video reference actor

            Dionne Figgins ~ video reference miscellaneous dancer

            Eddie Frierson ~ additional voice

            John Goodman ~ “Big Daddy” La Bouff

            Don Hall ~ Darnell

            Al Hebron ~ additional voice

            Bridget Hoffman ~ additional voice

            Kelly Hoover ~ additional voice

            Terrence Howard ~ James

            Jeremy Hudson ~ video reference actor; video reference primary dancer

            Rif Hutton ~ additional voice

            Wolfgang Wesley Hutton ~ additional voice

            Jermaine Johnson ~ video reference miscellaneous dancer

            Margaret Johnson-Holzendorf ~ additional voice

            Charlotte Jorgenson ~ video reference primary dancer

            John Kassir ~ additional voice

            Dominique Kelley ~ video reference primary dancer

            Kimo Keoke ~ video reference primary dancer

            Jerry Kernion ~ Mr. Henry Fenner

            Jennifer Kilger ~ additional voice; video reference actor

            Emeril Lagasse ~ Marlon the Gator

            Meisha Lee ~ video reference miscellaneous dancer

            Jenifer Lewis ~ Mama Odie

            Mona Marshall ~ additional voice

            Ritchie Montgomery ~ Reggie

            John Musker ~ additional voice

            Randy Newman ~ Cousin Randy

            Ne-Yo ~ “Never Knew I Needed”

            Allison Norman ~ additional voice

            Jennifer Perry ~ video reference miscellaneous dancer

            The Pinnacle Gospel Choir ~ “Dig A Little Deeper”

            Philip Proctor ~ additional voice

            Peter Renaday ~ additional voice

            Kevin Michael Richardson ~ Ian the Gator

            Lynwood Robinson ~ additional voice

            Anika Noni Rose ~ Tiana

            Kimberly Russell ~ additional voice

            John Scott ~ video reference miscellaneous dancer

            Sean Scott ~ video reference miscellaneous dancer

            Lorry Ann Shea ~ additional voice

            Terrance Simien ~ “Gonna Take You There” (accordion)

            Bruce W. Smith ~ additional voice

            Elissa Sussman ~ additional voice

            Fred Tatasciore ~ additional voice

            Danielle Mone’ Truitt ~ Georgia; video reference actor

            Claudette Wells ~ additional voice

            Marlon West ~ additional voice

            Joe Whyte ~ additional voice

            Josette Wiggan ~ video reference miscellaneous dancer

            Seth R. Williamson ~ additional voice

            Shanda M. Williamson ~ additional voice

            Shane R. Williamson ~ additional voice

            Oprah Winfrey ~ Eudora

            Mick Wingert ~ additional voice

            Michael-Leon Wooley ~ Louis




            “Big Daddy” La Bouff ~ John Goodman

            Buford ~ Michael Colyar

            Charlotte La Bouff ~ Breanna Brooks (young); Jennifer Cody

            Cousin Randy ~ Randy Newman

            Darnell ~ Don Hall

            Dr. Facilier ~ Keith David

            Eudora ~ Oprah Winfrey

            Georgia ~ Danielle Mone’ Truitt

            Ian the Gator ~ Kevin Michael Richardson

            James ~ Terrence Howard


            Lawrence ~ Peter Bartlett

            Louis ~ Terence Blanchard (trumpet); Michael-Leon Wooley (voice)

            Mama Odie ~ Jenifer Lewis


            Marlon the Gator ~ Emeril Lagasse

            Mr. Harvey Fenner ~ Corey Burton

            Mr. Henry Fenner ~ Jerry Kernion

            Prince Naveen ~ Bruno Campos

            Ray ~ Jim Cummings

            Reggie ~ Ritchie Montgomery


            Tiana ~ Elizabeth Dampier (young); Anika Noni Rose

            Two Fingers ~ Paul Briggs




“Almost There”

            Anika Noni Rose as Tiana

“Almost There (Reprise)”

            Anika Noni Rose as Tiana

“Cajun Love Song”

“Dig A Little Deeper”

            Jenifer Lewis as Mama Odie

            The Pinnacle Gospel Choir

Dippermouth Blues”

“Down In New Orleans

            Dr. John

“Down In New Orleans (Prologue)”

            Anika Noni Rose as Tiana

“Down In New Orleans (Finale)”

            Anika Noni Rose as Tiana

“Friends On The Other Side”

            Keith David as Dr. Facilier

Gonna Take You There”

            Jim Cummings as Ray

            Terence Simien on Accordion

“Ma Belle Evangeline”

            Jim Cummings as Ray

“Never Knew I Needed”


“When We’re Human”

            Terrance Blanchard on Trumpet

            Bruno Campos as Naveen

            Anika Noni Rose as Tiana

            Michael-Leon Wooley as Louis








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