The Reluctant Dragon



Release Date: June 20, 1941

Copyright: Walt Disney Productions © 1941

MPAA Rating: G (General Audiences ~ All Ages Admitted)

Length: 72 Minutes


Cast Characters



            Ernie Alexander ~ Mr. John Weems

            Claud Allister ~ Sir Giles

            Robert Benchley ~ Himself (Robert Benchley)

            Nana Bryant ~ Mrs. Robert Benchley

            Pinto Colvig ~ Goofy

            Walt Disney ~ Himself (Walt Disney)

            Norm Ferguson ~ Himself (Norm Ferguson)

            Frances Gifford ~ Doris

            Florence Gill ~ Herself (Florence Gill)

            Art Gilmore ~ Franklin Delano Roosevelt

            Ward Kimball ~ Himself (Ward Kimball)

            Alan Ladd ~ Animator

            Leone LeDoux ~ Baby Herbert Weems

            Billy Lee ~ The Boy

            Jimmy Luske

            Hamilton MacFadden

            Edward Marr ~ Walter Winchell

            Linda Marwood ~ Mrs. John Weems

            John McLeish ~ Narrator of How To Ride A Horse

            Gerald Mohr ~ Narrator of Baby Weems; Studio Guard

            Maurice Murphy

            Clarence Nash ~ Donald Duck; Himself (Clarence Nash)

            Barnett Parker ~ The Father; The Reluctant Dragon

            Buddy Pepper ~ Humphrey

            Raymond Severn ~ Baby Herbert Weems

            Staff Of The Walt Disney Studios

            J. Donald Wilson ~ Narrator of The Reluctant Dragon

            Truman Woodworth




            Albert Einstein

            Animator ~ Alan Ladd

            Baby Herbert Weems ~ Leone LeDoux; Raymond Servern


            The Boy ~ Billy Lee

            Casey Jones, Jr.

            Clarence Nash ~ Clarence Nash (Himself)


            Donald Duck ~ Clarence Nash

            Doris ~ Frances Gifford

            The Father ~ Barnett Parker

            Florence Gill ~ Florence Gill (Herself)

            Franklin Delano Roosevelt ~ Art Gilmore

            George Bernard Shaw

            Goofy ~ Pinto Colvig

            The Horse

            Humphrey ~ Buddy Pepper

            Mr. John Weems ~ Ernie Alexander

            Mrs. John Weems ~ Linda Marwood

            Mrs. Robert Benchley ~ Nana Bryant

            Narrator of Baby Weems ~ Gerald Mohr

            Narrator of How To Ride Horse ~ John McLeish

            Narrator of The Reluctant Dragon ~ J. Donald Wilson

            Norm Ferguson ~ Norm Ferguson (Himself)


            The Reluctant Dragon ~ Barnett Parker

            Robert Benchley ~ Robert Benchley (Himself)

            Salvador Dali

            Sir Giles ~ Claud Allister

            Studio Guard ~ Gerald Mohr

            Walt Disney ~ Walt Disney (Himself)

            Walter Winchell ~ Edward Marr

            Ward Kimball ~ Ward Kimball (Himself)



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Character names for Baby Weems, Casey Jones, Jr., Clementine, Mrs. John Weems, Albert Einstein, George Bernard Shaw, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Salvador Dali, Walter Winchell, Percy, The Father, The Horse; Bambi; Walt Disney; Complete character name for Mr. John Weems (“Mr. Weems”); Voice info Gerald Mohr as Narrator of Baby Weems, Leone LeDoux and Raymond Severn as Baby Weems, Linda Marwood as Mrs. John Weems, Art Gilmore as Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Edward Marr as Walter Winchell, John McLeish as Narrator of How To Ride A Horse, J. Donald Wilson as Narrator of The Reluctant Dragon, Barnett Parker as The Father, Walt Disney as Himself from Encyclopedia Of A Walt Disney’s Animated Characters (Rev. Ed.) (1993) by John Grant, published by Hyperion Books (New York).





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