The Rescuers



Official Release Date: June 22, 1977

Copyright: Walt Disney Productions © 1977

MPAA Rating: G (General Audiences ~ All Ages Admitted)

Length: 77 Minutes



Cast Characters Songs Awards



            Pat Buttram ~ Luke

            Candy Candido ~ Brutus; Nero

            Larry Clemmons ~ Gramps

            John Fiedler ~ Deacon Owl

            Shelby Flint ~ “The Journey”; “Someone’s Waiting For You”; “Tomorrow Is Another Day”

            Joe Flynn ~ Mr. Snoops

            Bernard Fox ~ Chairmouse

            Eva Gabor ~ Miss Bianca

            Jim Jordan ~ Orville

            George Lindsey ~ Deadeye

            James Macdonald ~ Evinrude

            John McIntire ~ Rufus

            Bill McMillan ~ TV Announcer

            Bob Newhart ~ Bernard

            Jeanette Nolan ~ Ellie Mae

            Geraldine Page ~ Madame Medusa

            Michelle Stacy ~ Penny

            Dub Taylor ~ Digger




            Adoptive Father

            Adoptive Mother


            Beachcomber Mice

            Bernard ~ Bob Newhart

            Brutus ~ Candy Candido

            Chairmouse ~ Bernard Fox

            Deacon Owl ~ John Fiedler

            Deadeye ~ George Lindsey

            Digger ~ Dub Taylor

            Ellie Mae ~ Jeanette Nolan

            Evinrude ~ James Macdonald

            Gramps ~ Larry Clemmons

            Luke ~ Pat Buttram

            Madame Medusa ~ Geraldine Page

            Miss Bianca ~ Eva Gabor

            Mouse Scouts

            Mr. Snoops ~ Joe Flynn

            Nero ~ Candy Candido


            Orville ~ Jim Jordan

            Penny ~ Michelle Stacy

            Rufus ~ John McIntire

            TV Announcer ~ Bill McMillan

            UN Doorman




“The Journey”

            Shelby Flint

“R-E-S-C-U-E, Rescue Aid Society”                                      

“Someone’s Waiting For You”

            Shelby Flint

“Tomorrow Is Another Day”

            Shelby Flint




1977 Academy Award Nominee ~ Music (Song) ~ Carol Connors (lyrics), Ayn Robbins (lyrics), & Sammy Fain (music) for “Someone’s Waiting For You”



Revised Character name for Deacon Owl (“Owl”); & Song Title Rescue Aid Society from the The Rescuers page at Disney.com (disney.go.com) at http://psc.disney.go.com/disneyvideos/moviefinder/products/1710573.html

Character names for UN Doorman, Beachcomber Mice, Orphans, Bats, Mouse Scouts, Adoptive Mother, Adoptive Father from Encyclopedia Of A Walt Disney’s Animated Characters (Rev. Ed.) (1993) by John Grant, published by Hyperion Books (New York).





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