The Three Caballeros



Official Release Date: February 3, 1945

Copyright: Walt Disney Productions © 1944

MPAA Rating: G (General Audiences ~ All Ages Admitted)

Length: 71 Minutes


Cast Characters Songs Awards




            Nestor Amaral

            Ascencio Del Rio Trio

            Joaquin Garay ~ Panchito

            Frank Graham ~ Narrator

            Sterling Holloway ~ Narrator

            Dora Luz ~ Herself (Dora Luz)

            Aurora Miranda ~ Herself (Aurora Miranda)

            Carmen Molina ~ Herself (Carmen Molina)

            Clarence Nash ~ Donald Duck

            Aloysio “José” Oliveira ~ Aracuan Bird; José “Joe” Carioca

            Padua Hills Players

            Carlos Ramirez ~ “Mexico”

            Fred Shields ~ Narrator

            Trio Calaveras




            Aracuan Bird ~ José Oliveira

            Aurora Miranda ~ Aurora Miranda (Herself)

            The Burrito

            Carmen Molina ~ Carmen Molina (Herself)

            Donald Duck ~ Clarence Nash

            Dora Luz  ~ Dora Luz (Herself)

            The Gauchito

            José “Joe” Carioca ~ Aloysio “José” Oliveira

            Narrator ~ Frank Graham

            Narrator ~ Sterling Holloway

            Narrator ~ Fred Shields


            Pablo Penguin

            Panchito ~ Joaquin Garay






            Carlos Ramirez

“The Three Caballeros”

“You Belong To My Heart”




1945 Academy Award Nominee ~ Music (Scoring Of A Musical Picture) ~ Edward Plumb, Paul J. Smith, & Charles Wolcott

1945 Academy Award Nominee ~ Sound Recording ~ Walt Disney Studio Sound Department, C. O. Slyfield, sound director



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