The Wild



Release Date: April 14, 2006

Copyright: Disney Enterprises, Inc. © 2006

MPAA Rating: G (General Audiences ~ All Ages Admitted)

Length: 82 Minutes


Cast Characters Songs Awards




            Keith Anthony ~ additional voice

            Christian Argueta ~ Hamir

            Jim Belushi ~ Benny

            Greg Berg ~ additional voice

            Bob Bergen ~ additional voice

            Big Bad Voodoo Daddy ~ “Big Time Boppin’ (Go Man Go)”

            Julianne Buescher ~ Dung Beetle #2

            Don Cherry ~ Penguin MC

            Greg Cipes ~ Ryan

            Coldplay ~ “Clocks”

            Jason Connery ~ additional voice

            David Cowgill ~ Hamir

            Colin Cunningham ~ Hyrax

            Debi Derryberry ~ additional voice

            Jack De Sena ~ Eze

            Terri Douglas ~ additional voice

            John Du Prez ~ “Really Nice Day”; “Really Nice Day (Finale)”

            Chris Edgerly ~ Cloak

            Jeannie Elias ~ additional voice

            Everlife ~ “Real Wild Child”

            Pat Fraley ~ additional voice

            Eddie Frierson ~ additional voice

            Nika Futterman ~ Dung Beetle #1

            Janeane Garofalo ~ Bridget

            Eddie Gossling ~ Scraw

            Nicholas Guest ~ additional voice

            Jess Harnell ~ additional voice

            Jason Harris ~ additional voice

            Colin Hay ~ Fergus Flamingo

            Bridget Hoffman ~ additional voice

            Eric Idle ~ “Really Nice Day”; “Really Nice Day (Finale)”

            Eddie Izzard ~ Nigel

            Emily Johnson ~ additional voice

            Bob Joles ~ Camo; Ringleader

            John Kassir ~ additional voice

            Dominic Scott Kay ~ Samson (young)

            Daniel Kaz ~ additional voice

            John Keaton ~ additional voice

            Jonathan Kimmel ~ Scab

            Richard Kind ~ Larry

            Carolyn Lawrence ~ additional voice

            Clinton Leupp ~ Mama Hippo

            Lifehouse ~ “Good Enough”

            Danny Mann ~ additional voice

            Mona Marshall ~ additional voice

            Miles Marsico ~ Duke

            Joey Miskulin ~ “Der Flüschen Fläschen

            Laraine Newman ~ additional voice

            Nolan North ~ additional voice

            Paul Pape ~ additional voice

            Tony Phillips ~ “Bolly Boom Boom Boogie”

            Kevin Michael Richardson ~ Samson’s Father

            Minnie Riperton ~ “Lovin’ You”

            Peter Pamela Rose ~ additional voice

            William Shatner ~ Kazar

            Joseph Siravo ~ Carmine

            Kiefer Sutherland ~ Samson (adult)

            Fred Tatasciore ~ additional voice

            Lenny Venito ~ Stan

            Patrick Warburton ~ Blag

            Audrey Wasilewski ~ additional voice

            Hannah Williams ~ additional voice

            Steve “Spaz” Williams ~ additional voice




            Benny ~ Jim Belushi

            Blag ~ Patrick Warburton

            Bridget ~ Janeane Garofalo

            Camo ~ Bob Joles

            Carmine ~ Joseph Siravo

            Cloak ~ Chris Edgerly

            Duke ~ Miles Marsico

            Dung Beetles ~ Nika Futterman (#1); Julianne Buescher (#2)

            Eze ~ Jack De Sena

            Fergus Flamingo ~ Colin Hay

            Hamir ~ Christian Argueta; David Cowgill

            Hyrax ~ Colin Cunningham

            Kazar ~ William Shatner

            Larry ~ Richard Kind

            Mama Hippo ~ Clinton Leupp

            Nigel ~ Eddie Izzard

            Penguin MC ~ Don Cherry

            Ringleader ~ Bob Joles

            Ryan ~ Greg Cipes

            Samson ~ Kiefer Sutherland (adult); Dominic Scott Kay (young)

            Samson’s Father ~ Kevin Michael Richardson

            Scab ~ Jonathan Kimmel

            Scraw ~ Eddie Gossling

            Stan ~ Lenny Venito




“Big Time Boppin’ (Go Man Go)”

            Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

Bolly Boom Boom Boogie”

            Tony Phillips



Der Flüschen Fläschen

            Joey Miskulin

“Good Enough”


Lovin’ You”

            Minnie Riperton

“Real Wild Child”


“Really Nice Day”

            John Du Prez

            Eric Idle

“Really Nice Day (Finale)”

            John Du Prez

            Eric Idle 








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