Tom And Jerry: The Movie



General Release Date: July 30, 1993

Copyright: Turner Entertainment Co. and Telefilm-Essen GmbH © 1992

Released by: Miramax Films

MPAA Rating: G (General Audiences ~ All Ages Admitted)

Length: 84 Minutes


Cast Characters Songs Awards




            Michael Bell ~ Ferdinand; Straycatcher #1

            Greg Burson ~ Man

            Henry Gibson ~ Dr. Applecheek

            Ed Gilbert ~ Daddy Starling; Puggsy

            Dana Hill ~ Jerry

            Tino Insana ~ Patrolman

            Tony Jay ~ Lickboot

            Richard Kind ~ Tom

            David Lander ~ Frankie da Flea

            Sydney Lassick ~ Straycatcher #2

            Anndi McAfee ~ Robyn Starling

            Raymond McLeod ~ Alleycat; Bulldog

            Don Messick ~ Droopy

            Stephanie Mills ~ “All In How Much We Can Give”; “I Miss You (End Titles)”

            Mitchel D. Moore ~ Alleycat

            Howard Morris ~ Squawk

            The National Philharmonic Orchestra of London ~ “Tom and Jerry Theme”

            Charlotte Rae ~ Aunt Pristine Figg

            Rip Taylor ~ Captain Kiddie

            B. J. Ward ~ Woman

            Scott Wojahn ~ Alleycat




            Alleycats ~ Raymond McLeod; Mitchel D. Moore; Scott Wojahn

            Aunt Pristine Figg ~ Charlotte Rae

            Bulldog ~ Raymond McLeod

            Captain Kiddie ~ Rip Taylor

            Daddy Starling ~ Ed Gilbert

            Dr. Applecheek ~ Henry Gibson

            Droopy ~ Don Messick

            Ferdinand ~ Michael Bell

            Frankie da Flea ~ David Lander

            Jerry ~ Dana Hill

            Lickboot ~ Tony Jay

            Man ~ Greg Burson

            Patrolman ~ Tino Insana

            Puggsy ~ Ed Gilbert

            Robyn Starling ~ Anndi McAfee

            Squawk ~ Howard Morris

            Straycatcher ~ Michael Bell; Sydney Lassick

            Tom ~ Richard Kind

            Woman ~ B. J. Ward




“All In How Much We Can Give”

            Stephanie Mills

“Friends To The End”

            Ed Gilbert

            Dana Hill

            Richard Kind

            David L. Lander

“God's Little Creatures”

            Henry Gibson

“I Miss You (End Title)”

            Stephanie Mills

“I Miss You (Robyn's Song)”

            Anndi McAfee

“I've Done It All”

            Howard Morris

            Rip Taylor

“(Money Is Such) A Beautiful Word”

            Tony Jay

            Charlotte Rae

“Tom and Jerry Theme”

            The National Philharmonic Orchestra of London

“What Do We Care? (The Alleycat Song)”

            Raymond McLeod

            Mitchel Moore

            Scott Wojahn







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