The Adventures Of Tom Thumb And Thumbelina



Direct To Video Release Date: August 6, 2002

Copyright: Miramax Film Corp. © 1999

MPAA Rating: G (General Audiences ~ All Ages Admitted)

Length: 75 Minutes


Cast Characters Songs Awards





            Alexandra Boyd ~ Bertha Beetle

            Michael Chiklis ~ King Webster; Roman

            Mari Devon ~ Additional Voice

            Yvette Freeman ~ Leola

            Peter Gallagher ~ The Mole King

            Rachel Griffiths ~ Albertine

            Robert Guillaume ~ Ben

            Jennifer Love Hewitt ~ Thumbelina/Princess Maya

            Richard S. Horvitz ~ Additional Voice

            Jack Johnson ~ Eugene, The Bug Collector

            Brad Kane ~ Tom Thumb/Prince Horace (singing)

            Joyce Kurtz ~ Additional Voice

            Jane Leeves ~ Margaret Beetle

            Marc Allen Lewis ~ Additional Voice

            Lesli Margherita ~ Additional Voice

            Christian Mills ~ Additional Voice

            Esai Morales ~ Vargas Mouse

            Bebe Neuwirth ~ Thumbelina’s Mother

            Daran Norris ~ Additional Voice

            Tina Panella-Hart ~ Additional Voice

            Adam Paul ~ Additional Voice

            Elizabeth Penn Payne ~ Additional Voice

            Bob Poynton ~ “A Perfect Day”

            Emma Samms ~ Shelley Beetle

            Jon Stewart ~ Godfrey

            Yul Vazquez ~ Gibson Mouse

            John Patrick White ~ Daniel

            Elijah Wood ~ Tom Thumb/Prince Horace (speaking)




            Albertine ~ Rachel Griffiths

            Ben ~ Robert Guillaume

            Bertha Beetle ~ Alexandra Boyd

            Daniel ~ John Patrick White

            Eugene, The Bug Collector ~ Jack Johnson

            Gibson Mouse ~ Yul Vazquez

            Godfrey ~ Jon Stewart

            King Webster ~ Michael Chiklis

            Leola ~ Yvette Freeman

            Margaret Beetle ~ Jane Leeves

            The Mole King ~ Peter Gallagher

            Roman ~ Michael Chiklis

            Shelley Beetle ~ Emma Samms

            Thumbelina/Princess Maya ~ Jennifer Love Hewitt

            Thumbelina’s Mother ~ Bebe Neuwirth

            Tom Thumb/Prince Horace ~ Brad Kane (singing); Elijah Wood (speaking)

            Vargas Mouse ~ Esai Morales



“Cha Cha de Mouse”

“I Am So All Alone”

            Jennifer Love Hewitt as Thumbelina

“I Was All Alone”

            Jennifer Love Hewitt as Thumbelina


            Jennifer Love Hewitt as Thumbelina

            Brad Kane as Tom Thumb

“A Perfect Day”

            Bob Poynton

 “Welcome To My Hole”

            Peter Gallagher as The Mole King









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