Cannes Film Festival Premiere: May 13, 2009

Official Premiere Release Date: May 16, 2009

General Release Date: May 29, 2009

Copyright: Disney Enterprises, Inc. / Pixar © 2009

MPAA Rating: PG (Parental Guidance Suggested ~ Some Material May Not Be Suitable For Children) for Some Action and Peril

Length: 96 Minutes



Cast Characters Songs Awards



            Mark Andrews ~ additional voice

            Ed Asner ~ Carl Fredricksen

            Bob Bergen ~ additional voice

            Brenda Chapman ~ additional voice

            Emma Coats ~ additional voice

            Josh Cooley ~ Omega

            Craig Copeland ~ “The Spirit Of Adventure”

            John Cygan ~ additional voice

            Elie Docter ~ Ellie

            Pete Docter ~ Campmaster Strauch; Kevin

            Paul Eiding  ~ additional voice

            Tony Fucile ~ additional voice

            Don Fullilove ~ Nurse George

            Teresa Ganzel ~ additional voice

            Jess Harnell ~ Nurse AJ

            David Kaye ~ Newsreel Announcer

            Valerie Lapointe ~ additional voice

            Jeremy Leary ~ Carl Fredricksen (young)

            Delroy Lindo ~ Beta

            Sherry Lynn ~ additional voice

            Danny Mann ~ Construction Worker Steve

            Mickie T. McGowan ~ Police Office Edith

            Jordan Nagai ~ Russell

            Laraine Newman ~ additional voice

            Teddy Newton ~ additional voice

            Bob Peterson ~ Alpha; Dug

            Jeff Pidgeon ~ additional voice

            Christopher Plummer ~ Charles Muntz

            Jan Rabson ~ additional voice

            Jerome Ranft ~ Gamma           

            John Ratzenberger ~ Construction Foreman Tom

            Bob Scott ~ additional voice




            Alpha ~ Bob Peterson

            Beta ~ Delroy Lindo

            Campmaster Strauch ~ Pete Docter

            Carl Fredricksen ~ Ed Asner; Jeremy Leary (young)

            Charles Muntz ~ Christopher Plummer

            Construction Foreman Tom ~ John Ratzenberger

            Construction Worker Steve ~ Danny Mann

            Dug ~ Bob Peterson

            Ellie ~ Elie Docter

            Gamma ~ Jerome Ranft

            Kevin ~ Pete Docter

            Newsreel Announcer ~ David Kaye

            Nurse George ~ Don Fullilove

            Nurse AJ ~ Jess Harnell

            Omega ~ John Cooley

            Police Office Edith ~ Mickie T. McGowan

            Russell ~ Jordan Nagai




“The Spirit Of Adventure”

            Craig Copeland








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