The Laboratory Homepage of John R. Gordon, Ph.D.
Co-chair, Immunology Research Group, University of Saskatchewan
Professor, Department of Veterinary Microbiology,
52 Campus Dr. University of Saskatchewan, Canada S7N 5B4
tel. 306-966-7214; FAX 306-966-7244


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Last modified October, 2005

Welcome to our laboratory's website.  Here you can find out about our researchers and projects, the classes we teach, and some of our publications, including Cellular and Molecular Research Methods in Immunology, our lab manual. In addition, you can access information about our department, and its graduate program, and can contact us directly through the link provided._


Photo: (back, left to right) Dr. X. Zhao, Dr. W. Wang, X. Zhang, K. Roberts, J. Gordon. (front, left to right) Dr. H. Huang, J. Town, Dr. F. Li. (Missing -Dr. Aarti Nayyar, below)