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Classics Resources on the Internet:
Bibliographical, Study, and Teaching Aids

compiled by John Porter, University of Saskatchewan

UofS Libraries Subject Databases: Classics
Links to basic on-line resources in Classics. A superb resource.
N.B. Licensing agreements require that you be on a UofS server to access many of these databases.
Look it up!
One of the most useful bibliographic resources on the WWW. Search e-versions of Lewis and Short (Latin), Webster's, Roget's, Langenscheidt's (German and Spanish), Liddell, Scott, and Jones (Greek), Hippias (Limited Area Search of Philosophy), Gnomon, TOCS-IN, BMCR, and more.
Tables of Content of Interest to Classicists (TOCS-IN)
Up-to-date, searchable indices of current periodicals in Classics and related fields, from 1991 to the present. An invaluable resource.
Gnomon Bibliographic Databank
Searchable indices of books, reviews, and articles. Immensely useful. Requires German.
L'Année philologique
On-line version of this invaluable bibliographic tool, offering a searchable annotated bibliography of most significant work published in Classical studies for the years 1969-1999. [Access by subscription or UofS server]
A Web of On-line Dictionaries
An impressive set of links to on-line dictionaries in just about any language you might desire (including, e.g., Etruscan, Sanskrit, Akkadian, and Ancient Egyptian).
Bibliotheca Classica Selecta (BCS)
An immensely useful database of bibliographic material (mainly print, but some WWW sites) in various fields related to Classics. (N.B. Requires French.)
Tools of the Trade for the Study of Roman Literature (Lowell Edmunds and Shirley Werner)
Bibliographies in the following areas: Databases, Dictionaries and Lexicographical Works, Encyclopedias, Fragments, Grammars, History of Literature, Inscriptions, Linguistics and Etymology, Metrics, Roman Social Life and Customs, Special Vocabularies, Style, Topography of Rome.
Ancient Abbreviations
Standard abbreviations for ancient authors and their works.
ACL Software Directory for the Classics
An invaluable guide to currently available software for instruction, research, and productivity, based on the Software Directory for the Classics, copyright 1995 Rob Latousek, published by the American Classical League.
On-line Survey of Audio-Visual Resources
A vast catalogue of resources for teachers, students, and parents. Includes listings for: videos, slide sets and film strips on various ancient sites; interactive cd-rom games; scholarly databases on cd-rom; performances of ancient plays; museum reproductions of ancient art; video and audio lectures by Classics scholars; comic strips in Latin; archaeology kits; posters; Latin and Greek lessons on tape and disk; maps and books on tape; coloring books, jigsaw puzzles, transparencies and activity books for the younger classicist; T-shirts, buttons, notecards, and coffee cups with Latin phrases.
Classical Technology Center
A repository of free practical tools, for educators and other classicists, to enhance the use of computer technology in Classics education.
CANE Instructional Materials
A useful collection of instructional material in Greek and Latin offered by the Classical Association of New England, including short Greek and Latin texts for students, general paedagogical material, workbooks and quizzes, anthologies, and specific authors and works.
VRoma: A Virtual Community for the Teaching of Classics
An on-going project designed: 1) to improve and expand the teaching of classical languages and cultures through technology-assisted collaboration between and among undergraduate and secondary school Classics programs; and 2) to enhance students' learning of these topics through the excitement, immediacy, and "virtual re-creation of lost contexts" that modern technology can expedite.
Internet Resources for Latin Teachers (Kentucky)
A large collection of resources for Latin teachers available on the WWW.
Latin Teaching Materials (St. Louis University)
A useful collection of resources for Latin teachers, including accelerated reading materials for Sallust's Bellum Catilinae, a vocabulary grid for the fifth edition of Wheelock's popular text, and various handouts on Latin grammar and verb tenses.
A large collection of pedagogical resources.
Words (Latin-English Dictionary Program)
A downloadable Latin-English dictionary, available for a variety of platforms. An on-line version is also available at:
Curculio (Home Page of Michael Hendry)
A useful collection of practical scholarly and pedagogical resources, including critical editions of Propertius and Claudian, a listing of forthcoming editions, advice for young scholars about to submit their first work for first publication, teaching texts (Propertius 2.29, 72 easy epigrams of Martial, Androclus and the Lion [from Aulus Gellius]), and a page on Latin animal noises.
Committee for the Promotion of Latin (CAMWS)
Forum Romanum
Film clips offering "news releases" in Latin on various events in the ancient world. Includes such items as "Hannibal ad Portas!", "Graecia Capta!", and "Aedines Apollinis" (temple on the Palatine).
Retiarius: Commentarii Periodici Latini
A new Neo-Latin e-publication.
A Neo-Latin newspaper.
Orbis Latinus
A magnificent resource for students of Latin of all periods. Subjects include: Classical and Vulgar Latin, Eastern Romance Languages, Modern Romance Languages, Contrastive Romance Linguistics, Romance Onomastics, Romance Influences on the other Languages, Foreign Influences on the Romance Languages, Specially designed Fonts, Other Web-Links. Students of Latin will find the following pages of particular interest: Descriptive Grammar, Alternative Grammars, Historical Grammar, Christian Latin, Medieval Latin, Texts in Latin, Vocabulary.
The Official Wheelock's Latin Series Website
Commercial site publicizing Wheelock's popular introductory text and related works (such as the corresponding Latin reader and the workbook), along with various relevant links.
Study Guide to Wheelock's Latin by Dale A. Grote
Drills and explication of grammatical points designed for students in first-year Latin, based on Wheelock's popular text.
Electronic Resources for Wheelock's Latin
Drills and other resources (including a searchable Latin/English, English/Latin lexicon) designed for students using Wheelock's popular text.
Textkit: Greek & Latin Learning Tools
An invaluable collection of downloadable Greek and Latin grammars, readers, and other aids, including such classics as Goodwin's Greek Grammar, Smyth's Greek Grammar, Allen & Greenough's New Latin Grammar, North & Hillard's Greek Prose Composition, and North & Hillard's Latin Prose Composition.
Flashcard Exchange: Latin
A large array of user-generated flashcards for a variety of common high school and university level first-year texts.
Liberation Technologies Shareware Demonstrations
Downloadable demonstration versions of inexpensive drills in Greek, Latin, and other languages. (Mac and DOS versions available.)
Latin and Homeric Greek Vocabulary Software for Grades 4-12
Part of The New Treefrog Shareware Series. For Macintosh and Windows.
Lingua Latina (aka WinLatin)
Lingua Latina is a shareware program which drills users on the basics of Latin grammar. It requires Windows 3.x or higher but not much else besides VBRUN300.DLL the run-time library for Visual Basic.
The Caesar Machine: Latin hypertext reader for De Bello Gallico I
Freeware text of De Bello Gallico I, with hypertextual vocabulary glosses. (Windows and DOS versions only.)
A faceless background application that allows you to access dictionary files of any size, with instant lookup and cross-referencing of indexed terms (and very fast search for everything else, too). Its window is a palette that pops up conveniently in front of all windows in any application. A Latin dictionary is available for use with this application.
Allen and Greenough's New Latin Grammar
An on-line version of this popular Latin grammar available via the Perseus Project.
Overview of Latin Syntax
A useful reference work, composed by Anne Mahoney.
Pagina Domestica P. Vergili Maronis / Vergil's Home Page
Resources for the study of Vergil's poetry.
White Trash Scriptorium
Despite the unfortunate name, a useful collection of Latin texts in both HTML and downloadable Windows format (the latter with vocabulary and notes).
Classical Language Instruction Project
Samples of Greek and Latin texts, both prose and poetry, read aloud by various scholars employing different styles of pronunciation.
Greek Grammar on the WWW
A repository of URLs related to the study of ancient Greek. Topics include: Greek fonts; the alphabet; numerals; accentuation and pronunciation; introductory courses; dictionaries and lexica; morphology and syntax; history of the Greek language; the reading of ancient Greek texts; online surveys and bibliographies.
Ancient Greek Tutorials (Berkeley)
On-line drills on pronunciation, accentuation, principal parts.
Let's Review Greek!
A useful set of links designed to help the first-year student continue his or her Greek studies over the summer months.
The Intelligent Person's Guide to Greek (William Harris)
A useful overview of the Greek language, using Homer as a starting point.
Paradigms for First-Year Greek
Useful handouts for students in 1st (or 2nd?) year Greek. (PDF files)
Greek Prose Style and Prose Composition (Hardy Hansen)
The home page for Greek 701, Greek Rhetoric and Prose Style, a course in Greek prose style and prose composition offered in the spring 1996 semester at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York. Useful discussion of the prose styles of various Greek authors, composition exercises (with sample answer keys), Greek grammar review.

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