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CLAS 220: Images of Greek Costume
compiled by John Porter, University of Saskatchewan

This page offers an overview of those images discussed in the course lectures that are available via the WWW. When activated, the links below will open in a separate window: as you proceed through the list, this should allow you to compare the different images by using the "Back" and "Forward" buttons on your browser. You should configure the size and location of the two windows as best suits your particular monitor.

The majority of these links are to the Perseus WWW site. Links to other WWW sites with relevant material have also been provided.

Unfortunately, many of images to be discussed in class are not available for public access via the Perseus WWW site. In many cases, however, Perseus will offer a general account of the vase in question.

  1. Man in himation

  2. Seated youth in himation

  3. Seated youth with himation loosened

  4. Cooks girded for work

  5. Youths cloaked in himations

  6. Charioteer at Delphi (chiton)

  7. Orpheus in chitoniskos

  8. Theseus and Prokrustes (former in chitoniskos)

  9. Charon in exomis

  10. Detail of same

  11. Youth in chlamys and petasos

  12. Youth in chlamys and petasos

  13. Youth in chlamys and petasos

  14. Herakles in dress himation

  15. Kithara player in Ionic chiton

  16. Athena in belted peplos

  17. Detail of same

  18. Woman in peplos

  19. Peplos Kore

  20. Woman in belted peplos

  21. Mourning Athena

  22. Peplos

  23. Woman in peplos

  24. Woman in peplos

  25. Ionic chiton

  26. Ionic chiton and himation

  27. Woman in chiton, himation, and sakkos

  28. Maenad in himation and Ionic chiton

  29. Woman in Ionic chiton

  30. Woman in Ionic chiton and himation

  31. Helen and Menelaus (former in Ionic chiton)

  32. The Elgin Marbles: East Pediment

  33. Sandalbinder from Nike Parapet (chiton)

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