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CLAS 220: Images of Greek Sport
compiled by John Porter, University of Saskatchewan

This page offers an overview of those images discussed in the course lectures that are available via the WWW. When activated, the links below will open in a separate window: as you proceed through the list, this should allow you to compare the different images by using the "Back" and "Forward" buttons on your browser. You should configure the size and location of the two windows as best suits your particular monitor.

The majority of these links are to the Perseus WWW site. Links to other WWW sites with relevant material have also been provided.

Unfortunately, many of images to be discussed in class are not available for public access via the Perseus WWW site. In many cases, however, Perseus will offer a general account of the vase in question.

  1. Stadion at Olympia

  2. Stadion at Delphi

  3. Stadion at Epidauros

  4. Hysplex

  5. Athlete with gear for hoplitodromos

  6. Athlete attired for the hoplitodromos

  7. Same: trainer to right

  8. Athletes running in hoplitodromos

  9. Torch race

  10. Detail of same

  11. Athlete preparing ground for field events (note kampter, strigil, and oil flask)

  12. Wrestlers practice under watchful eye of trainer (note discus bag and halteres in background)

  13. Boxers practice, with trainer (youth on the right holds himantes in his hand)

  14. Detail of same

  15. Detail of same: youth holding himantes

  16. Panathenaic amphora: boxers wearing himantes, with official and (left) personification of the Olympic games

  17. Closer view of same

  18. Detail of same: boxer with himantes

  19. Detail of same: himantes

  20. Boxers wearing himantes, Nike ("Victory") on right

  21. Pankration scene (with gouging?)

  22. Pankration, with watchful judge (fighter on the right about to be chastised for biting?)

  23. Pankratiasts

  24. Discus thrower

  25. Jumper with halteres; discus thrower being corrected by trainer

  26. Discus thrower

  27. Detail of same

  28. Boy with discus in bag, strigil (oil flask in background)

  29. Youth with discus

  30. Jumper holding halteres, with trainer

  31. Jumper employing halteres

  32. Jumper with halteres and trainer

  33. Youth with javelin (note mesankylon)

  34. Youths with javelins and discus

  35. Youths and trainer, with halteres and discus bag: side B

  36. Same: side A

  37. Athletes strigil and bathe selves after their workout

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