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CLAS 220: Images of the Greek Wedding
compiled by John Porter, University of Saskatchewan

This page offers an overview of those images discussed in the course lectures that are available via the WWW. When activated, the links below will open in a separate window: as you proceed through the list, this should allow you to compare the different images by using the "Back" and "Forward" buttons on your browser. You should configure the size and location of the two windows as best suits your particular monitor.

The majority of these links are to the Perseus WWW site. Links to other WWW sites with relevant material have also been provided.

Unfortunately, many of images to be discussed in class are not available for public access via the Perseus WWW site. In many cases, however, Perseus will offer a general account of the vase in question.

  1. Loutrophoros with scene of prothesis (laying out of corpse)

  2. Detail of same

  3. Detail of same

  4. Lebes gamikos with wedding procession

  5. Lebes gamikos: Side A

  6. Detail of same

  7. Base: Side A

  8. Detail of same

  9. Same: Side B

  10. Detail of same

  11. Base: Side B

  12. Detail of same

  13. Lebes Gamikos: Side A

  14. Detail of same

  15. Same: Side B

  16. Detail of same

  17. Adornment of the bride (drawing)

  18. Pyxis with scenes of preparation for marriage (drawing)

  19. Adornment of the bride: Part I (drawing)

  20. Adornment of the bride: Part II (drawing)

  21. Bride preparing for wedding, with Aphrodite (?), Eros, and attendant

  22. Detail of same

  23. Wedding of Peleus and Thetis

  24. Wedding procession

  25. Detail of same

  26. Detail of same

  27. Detail of same

  28. Wedding procession

  29. Wedding procession

  30. Detail of same

  31. Detail of same

  32. Detail of same

  33. Wedding procession

  34. Detail of same

  35. Wedding procession

  36. Detail of same

  37. Wedding procession

  38. Pyxis with marriage of Herakles and Hebe (overview)

  39. Same: overview of cover

  40. Detail of same

  41. Detail of same

  42. Detail of same

  43. Detail of same

  44. Bride, Eros, Groom, and Nike

  45. Detail of same

  46. Paris (Alexandros) and Helen

  47. Detail of same

  48. Abduction scene (Paris and Helen?)

  49. Menelaos and Helen?

  50. Theseus abducting Antiope

  51. Castor and Polydeuces abducting the daughters of Leucippus

  52. Peleus and Thetis

  53. Tityus and Leto

  54. Phaedra (upper register); Marriage of Peirithoös and Laodameia (Lapiths vs. Centaurs — lower register)

  55. Paris and Helen

  56. Hera and Zeus (Parthenon frieze)

  57. Hera unveiling before Zeus (Selinus)

  58. Epinetron with wedding of Harmonia, rape of Thetis by Peleus, and epaulia of Alcestis

  59. RF pyxis with interior scene: nuptial context?

  60. Detail of same

  61. Detail of same

  62. Detail of same

  63. Detail of same

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