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LATIN 113: Review Sheet #1 Key
John Porter, University of Saskatchewan

Translate the following into idiomatic Latin and be prepared to explain the mood and tense of each of the verbs.

  1. They are begging us not to go. [Two versions.]
    nos orant ne eamus. /

    petunt/precantur a nobis ne eamus.

  2. They maintained strongly that we would die and would not be *handed over. [*trado: see Total Learning Vocabulary.]
    affirmauerunt nos morituros [esse] neque traditum iri.

  3. Did you (sg.) not kill them while they were sleeping? [Do not use a noun or pronoun.]
    nonne dormientis/dormientes necauisti?

  4. Some fought with their fists, others were using *rods and whips. [*virga — 1f.]
    alii pugnis pugnauerunt, alii uirgis atque uerberibus utebantur. [or: ... pars ... utebatur]

  5. We ordered them to wait at Helorus and not to flee. [Two versions.]
    eis/iis imperauimus ut Helori manerent neue fugerent. /

    iussimus eos Helori manere neque fugere.

  6. Surely you (sg.) are not asking me to love one of Verres' sisters?
    num me rogas ut unam e sororibus Verris amem?

  7. You (pl.) persuaded me to set fire to the walls.
    mihi persuasistis ut moenia incenderem.

  8. It happened that no one saw Verres departing.
    accidit ut nemo Verrem uideret proficiscentem.

  9. She will demand from us that we spare her husband.
    a nobis postulabit ut uiro suo parcamus.

  10. I will see to it that they are bound with chains.
    perficiam ut uinc(u)lis uinciantur.

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