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LATIN 113: Review Sheet #2

A. Identify and parse the following verbs.

  1. cecidisse [two possibilities]

  2. ponerem

  3. usus eras

  4. reciperis [two possibilities]

  5. sublatus essem

  6. egebam

  7. persuadebunt

  8. clamitemus

  9. ages

  10. putares

  11. quaeretis

  12. sustulissent

  13. frui

  14. petamus

  15. relinquam [two possibilities]

B. Where they exist, form the present, perfect, and future infinitives for each of the verbs in A, in both the active and the passive voice.

C. Where they exist, form the present and/or perfect participles (masc. nom. sg. and fem. dat. sg.) for each of the verbs in A.
          [Note: the genders cited here preclude the inclusion of impersonal passives, which are by definition neuter singular.]

D. Using the following criteria in different combinations, generate the appropriate forms.
          [I.e. choose one item from each of the columns, in different combinations, and generate the appropriate form.]

NOTE: Items listed in square brackets have yet to be introduced for the subjunctive.

moneo 3rd sg. Pres. Ind. Act.
duco 2nd pl. [Fut.] Subj. Pass.
libero 1st sg. Impf.
vincio [Pfct.]
perficio Plupfct.

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