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Key to Worksheet for Reading Latin 1A
John Porter, University of Saskatchewan

Translate into idiomatic Latin.

  1. The slaves (male) fear the cooks.
    servi coquos timent.

  2. We are hiding the pots.
    aulas celamus.

  3. A slave woman, that is what Staphyla is.
    serva est Staphyla.

  4. Do they have a pot full of garlands?
    aulam coronarum plenam habent?

  5. Do you (sg.) have the garland?
    coronam habes?

  6. The slave women live in the house.
    servae in aedibus habitant.

  7. You are cooks.
    coqui estis.

  8. I am hiding my daughter in the pot.
    filiam in aula celo.

  9. The cooks and the slave women enter into the pot.
    coqui et servae in aulam intrant.

  10. Does he love Demaenetus' daughter?
    filiam Demaeneti amat?

Give the appropriate form.

  1. slave women (dat.)

  2. you (pl.) are calling

  3. under the pot
    sub aula

  4. stage (dat.)

  5. onto the garland
    in coronam

  6. she carries

  7. slave men (abl.)

  8. we are shouting

  9. toward the stage
    ad scaenam

  10. daughters (acc.)

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